It’s All Happening For You

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

May 19

It’s All Happening For You

This week it felt relevant to bring up a point that one of my own coaches once told me a while back, and it really shifted my perception any time I came to face a challenge in my life.

It’s the idea that ‘life is not happening to you, life is happening for you’.

This can be a tough one to get your head around at times, looking for the meaning in even the crappiest situations, the idea that you get to take a stand and stop being bossed around by your circumstances.

You see your circumstances are not what define you, it’s the thoughts and beliefs that you have around those circumstances, and the meaning on which you place on them. What you decide that means to you, is what will determine your ability to thrive even through times of adversity, and the actions you take as a result of said uncertain times.

Truth is we never know what life is going to throw at us, and anything can happen at any time. Whether that is losing a job, losing a loved one, losing a business, losing money, having someone you thought was a friend screwing you over, injury, illness, a freaking global pandemic!!!!

It’s never really about the challenges that come up, and ALL about how you choose to deal with it.

I was actually reading an article on the history of pandemics and how they end and, here is the thing that stood out for me in the article ‘an end can occur not because a disease has been vanquished but because people grow tired of panic mode and learn to live with a disease.’

Because it’s the fear of the disease that is far more damaging than the actual disease itself.

I opened up the conversation in the Get It Girl group, to see how people were feeling about the opening up of countries and it was a very mixed bag and understandably there is still a lot of people feeling very anxious about it.

Here in France my eldest has returned to school for 3 hours a morning (que getting into action quick and as much work as I can get done in those 3 hours whilst my youngest is entertained by youtube).

Shops and even beauty salons are opening up and it’s starting to feel a little more like normality. The longer that continues, the more people will learn to live with the virus and life will evolve and move forward. Life must and will go on.

This isn’t just about being reckless and ignoring safety advice. Be responsible, don’t be a douchebag

But now is the time to face this pandemic and begin to rise up into the new normal.

And this is really the same mindset that is required for when we face any type of fear. Whether that is fear of judgedgement and what other people may think, fear of messing up and looking like a twit, fear of not being good enough, pretty enough, slim enough, fear of the uncertainty, it all comes back to the same mindset requirements.

If you want to live the life that you love, it’s time to stop clinging onto fear and find a way through.

And that is always my intention, to be the one who helps you to steer towards the positive, the possibilities and find a way for you to continue to move forward with your life.

It’s why I feel right now is the ideal time to run the 3 day Rise Up & Shine challenge.

I was actually supposed to be running it this week BUT my computer decided to throw a massive wobbler last week and it died on me. I have a work around, but have had to delay the challenge until next week instead. Apologies for that, but you know, sh*t happens and I promis it will be worth the wait.

I remember that ‘everything is always working in my favour’. My hand has been pushed to go and get a new computer (I have needed one for a long time as my 10 year old one had been running soooooo slow before it finally died on me) AND I have a few more days to make the challenge even better.

I feel like now is the perfect time for us all to be realigning with what it means for us to be living a life on purpose, one that we fully relish in living, and this is exactly what the Rise Up & Shine Challenge is about.

We will be looking at

#1 – Redefine The Dream  – to connect with your inner knowing and get clear on what exactly it is that you want for your life. I will be sharing the new, updated and incredibly powerful visualisation to help you create more clarity on exactly what it is that you want for your life

#2 -Align With The Dream – A daily practice on how to hit MORE of your goals, more often. Here we get to use what came to light in your visualisation, and learn how to connect with that on a daily basis. To use it to empower you to wake up each and every day with a feeling of fire in your belly and alignment in your heart. How to feel energised, connected, focused and on form DAILY! PLUS the all new no fuss vision board practice (perfect for those of us that just can’t be arsed with getting all crafty). This is taking your dream life mapping from the planner and going next level on it.

#3 – Claiming The Dream – How to hold the vision strong even when fear and self doubt attempts to derail you. To write the dream into your reality and taking steps towards it daily from a place of fun and excitement

I LOVE running challenges like this. There is something so powerful about a team of high vibe women come into the same space and decide that NOW is the time for change.

Perfectly placed for you to step into your post pandemic ‘New Normal’ with focus, flow and an extra dash of kick ass.

Are you in??

CLICK HERE to join the challenge, we get started next week

I cannot wait to help you get the clarity that comes with utilising these

powerful tools.

Love Always


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