Going From Money Stress, To Financial Success

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May 01

Going From Money Stress, To Financial Success

At the start of lockdown, finances were one of the big stressors many of us were facing when we came to realise that life was going to change significantly.

And while there are so many people in such varying situations and severity as it was something that was top of mind for my own family, I was really feeling the pull to dive into this a little deeper.

It had also been an area that my Shine Squad members had been very aware of, that they wanted to continue to improve their own financial situations.

You see it’s my mission to help you live a life that is balanced, so this means helping you improve your health goals, your relationship goals, your self development and of course those posed in your career and finances.

So at a time when these challenges are heightened probably more than ever before, I have been so excited to dive into the area of money and how you can make it work better for you and move you towards improving your financial security.

On Monday I released part one of this guest expert series, you can still check that out HERE

In part one we covered:

Top tips for people who are currently dealing with financial pressure right now

– Knowing your numbers and creating a bare-bones budget

– Thinking outside of the box when it comes to your income. 

– How to start your debt repayment plan. Avalanche or snowball?

If you have already watched it, I would love to know your biggest takeaways before you step into part two, CLICK HERE to catch up on part one

In episode two we talk on:

-Shifting your perspective if you are not a fan of spreadsheets. To access Jennifer’s amazing done for you sheet check it out HERE 

– How to keep the flow of money going, feeling good about spending without compromising your financial goals.

– Why having a cash reserve is important

– How to start with good money habits

– The importance of learning about low cost index funds  for investing

Feeling better about your money situation is going to take for you to be real with where you are at and look at the clear action steps that you can start making RIGHT NOW.

You can get so much value from these free resources that I have created for you.

We are also taking this a step deeper from within the Shine Squad. This month Jennifer has created an exclusive training just for us to show you how you can implement this in a step by step format and look at how you could be facing being able to retire as a millionaire, no matter what your current income looks like.

I don’t know about you, but that shizzle fires me up and I am so excited to dive into this training and support you in taking back control of your finances. Going from feeling Financially Frazzled and working towards Managing Your Money like a boss!!!

If you know you need to take action on this area of your life, but still feel a little overwhelmed and want to take all the free resources and have them delivered in a step by step format to your money success. The CLICK HERE and join us now over in the Shine Squad.

We have had an influx of incredible new members, the energy is high and I am so freaking excited to step into a new season of growth this month. My sole mission is to help YOU get the results that you are craving for in your own life 


The only difference between what you have, and what you want for your life, is the actions you take. We are ready and waiting to help you SHINE 🙂

Emma x

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