Want Faster Progress? STOP Doing This

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Apr 21

Want Faster Progress? STOP Doing This

It seems that during this time for many people, putting your goals as a priority may have gone on the back burner, and I completly understand why and there are days too where I question why I bother.

Yet if the title of this blog piqued your interest, then I’m guessing that’s NOT what you want to be experiencing right now?? I know despite it all I want to keep going any way I can.

See I believe that we can still use this time to progress towards our goals, even through uncertain times. And you can actually progress faster when you stop doing this one thing that I will be sharing a little lower down. 

If you have not been directly impacted by the virus, if you are currently safe in your house, then there is still the opportunity for you to make progress in your life, and I want that growth for you because I know you can.

This was actually inspired as one of my newest members who recently joined the Shine Squad as she felt her eating habits had completely gone out of the window and not only gaining weight but feeling a little out of control with it.

She was starting out with some Intermittent Fasting protocols, and then looking at doing a cleanse and then considering going back to a different diet plan that had worked for her in the past.

Newsflash here……….

Any diet you choose to follow WILL actually work. Whether you choose Paleo, Clean Eating, Vegan, Flexible Dieting, If It Fits Your Macros, Aitkins, Dukin, Slimming World, The 5:2 Diet, the list could go on with the never ending names of diets available, but you get the picture, right?

And you know why, they ALL work??

Because they ALL include drinking more water, reducing less processed foods and generally eat less crap and moving your body more. They all work, for as long as you can stick to them.

And that is the key right there, consistency and sticking with it for the long term. 

You see the changing of the diets all of the time, is the ‘safe problem’.

Because it’s easier to change up your diet or your workout routine, blaming that as the reason you aren’t progressing to your body goal, because that is easier for you to cope with.

Rather than looking at the deep rooted reason you can’t stick with any of them long term, because you haven’t really dug into your relationship with food and using it as a mechanism to ‘cope’ when sh!t hits the proverbial fan.

The change in diet is just a distraction from the real problem of your health habits and subconscious behaviours around food.

And while once again I am talking on diet, this same pattern can be seen in any area of life.

You are effectively procrastinating by changing things up all of the time, believing that you are tackling the problem, at the detriment of actually resulting in slowing down your progress.

The problem isn’t the diet or the workout, like I said before, the problem is, why can’t you stick with it??

This same problem can be seen across other areas of life too, the same habits apply to career or business. Maybe you change jobs or career because you don’t feel satisfied, yet you never really take the time to dig into what your passion or purpose really is.

You keep changing your business ideas when they don’t work the first time instead of figuring out where the missing link really is.

You change relationships or give up on existing ones without uncovering what’s really going on beyond the surface of your self worth.

You will progress far quicker with any of your goals and dreams when you dig beyond the surface and begin to cultivate good daily habits, that will help you lean into the challenges instead of constantly backing away from them.

Coming back to the example of diet. Think about the people who you know in your life who naturally and easily maintain a slim healthy build.

I bet you they tell you they never diet and can eat anything they want right?? That’s because they have the habit of health. They likely exercise regularly and eat healthy foods, they have a good relationship with food and indeed themselves.

It’s never about the big changes, and ALL about the little micro adjustments that come from daily habits and continual self enquiry.

It’s the daily habits I see that are the difference between seeing the people who are continuing to thrive or merely just surviving at this time.

My daily habits are what are keeping me grounded and focused right now and they are the core of the work I teach within the Shine Squad but also that I practice myself. They are the habits that have changed my life, my mindset, my motivation and most of all my results.

They stand now, and in fact have been more important than ever before

  • Morning Magic routine which includes journaling (doing the internal work) and breathwork, writing in the Get Your Sh*t Together life planner
  • Movement, in some way shape or form. Whether that is a full on workout, or just a walk with the dogs, I move every day because it helps me to feel energised and re-focused
  • Nurturing my body, choosing healthy foods and drinking all of the water
  • Growth of expanding my mind – This can be listening to a podcast, reading a book, learning or anything at all that helps me to expand my knowledge and my thinking

Ok so I’m a normal human being, some days I may skip some of them, some days I plain old can’t be bothered. But it’s in grounding into these habits that helps me the most, so that motivates me to want to keep getting back up and going for it again.

If you want to continue to progress, then STOP constantly shifting and changing. Instead develop the ‘good habits’ that will serve you for a lifetime.

Stop avoiding the things that actually need addressing and leaning into the thing that is ‘real problem’ instead of continually avoiding it

Take the time for reflection, to review what’s working, where you are challenged and ask yourself what you need to do, the micro adjustments you need to make and the actions you get to take to keep on seeing the progress.

This of course is the whole ethos of the planner, it’s what it was designed for, so could you start utilising it even more right now?? CLICK HERE to access the free downloadable version and revisit the trainings, or CLICK HERE and order your hard copy to keep it all in one place and keep yourself accountable to your progress.

Look at the good health and lifestyle habits that support you the most and double down on those.

Look at the micro shifts you can take, simplify your life right now and take on one habit at a time working on consistency rather than continuously chopping and changing things all the time.

Love Always


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