Lessons From Lockdown

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Apr 01

Lessons From Lockdown

So here we are at the start of a brand new month, and probably feeling like never before in what will become a truly monumental shift of our time and indeed life as we know it. I’m not talking all the doom and gloom of life as we know, I just feel that on the other side of these challenges we will all change in some way, and I believe that will be a change for the better.

So have you completed your end of month review, you end the quarter review? I know many people won’t as it’s easy to actually look back and face what’s been happening with a little more detail. All of our lives have changed pretty significantly and we are all in a process of readjustment. So I am coming in to remind you to do that review as this one will bring more lessons than most. CLICK HERE to download, print and get yours written out.

We are getting ready to step into a brand new quarter and I actually felt joyful in being able to mentally reset my goals and intentions for the quarter ahead. Well I would usually set for the full quarter but I’m actually just setting for the month ahead to start with as I’m working on just keeping myself in the present moment. Then just planning out broadly for the week, but most of all sticking to the day by day on my daily focus sheets. These are my go to, in staying productive during this time and keeping in alignment with my big vision beyond COVID-19, because my bigger dreams and goals sure as hell, still stand.

Although the month that has just passed may not exactly been what we had hoped for, there are still huge lessons to be learnt.

As I have been saying over the last few weeks. There is still the opportunity for huge personal growth during this time, if you allow yourself to tune in.

So today I wanted to share with you 10 lessons that the corona virus has taught me so far, and the course corrections it’s caused me to be taking and what I will be doing differently once we get out of this.

#1 – Never take your health for granted. 

My roots are based within health coaching and having a happy healthy body is certainly one of my core values, yet I have been in a space where I have taken it for granted. Whilst I would still consider myself to be healthy, I am far from my optimum and am carrying more body weight than I would like. My body had been showing signs and symptoms such as some digestive issues and weight loss resistance that I had been ignoring, due to feeling ‘stressed’ and ‘not having enough time’. 

This whole experience is bringing me back to that focus. Whilst there is so much out of our control right now, something we all have the opportunity to do is come back and listen to what our bodies are telling us and peel back the layers of what better health would look like us right now, if we just implemented the basics of good health habits more regularly.

I’m excited to be following these protocols and also supporting my Shine Squad guys along with this process as we run an online Fitcamp format this month. I have been absolutely loving the energy of these guys, many of whom are still juggling working full time from home but they too are committed to creating some good to come out of these challenging times. 

#2 What Else Is Possible – Be Flexible.

It’s that it’s essential to always be flexible and open to other options. One of my favourite questions when working with clients is to get them to ask themselves, ‘ok, so what else is possible’. I’m incredibly grateful that a big part of my business is online and though I have lost some members and all of my in person fitness clients due to this pandemic, I am still able to work, and for that I am grateful, though I know times are hard for us all right now. I have been able to adapt and did make a quick pivot as I had a lot of people contacting me for online workouts and recipes we used to use in my good ole Bootcamp days. This meant me adapting to what people were looking for more of in the current climate. And yes I have more free workouts coming too, it is just taking a little longer than anticipated for me to get them online each week, but the most recent one will be live any moment and you can access all of my home workouts HERE

I know so many people have lost their jobs overnight BUT I have also seen other people who have instantly adapted. Supermarkets and delivery companies are booming right now and looking for additional workers. Be open to looking around to what is currently available to you, it could be more than you think.

I know many of you like me also have kids at home so maybe you feel more limited but there are also online jobs you could look at for working potentially just a few hours a week.

Always ask, what else is possible. Sure it may not be what you want to do for the rest of your life, but this is about just getting through the here and now the best that we possibly can.

# 3 Raising My Financial Standards

I have been doing quite a bit of research and reading up on taking back control of finances. I had a plan and some intentions in place to work on this area, I know what I want to have in place. Unfortunately I didn’t get far enough into my plan to make an impact for the current situation.

The cold hard truth is, that if you live month to month with your finances and have too many debts you are going to be in the sh*t. I know I am not the only one feeling this pressure right now.

I am not going to dwell on it, as I can only change what I do going forward. I have taken a few moments to consider how differently I would be feeling right now if I didn’t have any credit card debt and had 6 months living costs saved in the bank. Yup I would all be looking at things from a very different perspective. Instead of feeling constant stress and fear around money, I could have been in a place of, it’s ok we have enough to get us through. So this is going to a BIG focus for me once this is all over, I want to be completely debt free by the age of 40. I know I don’t ever want to be in this situation EVER again.

And this actually brings me onto this month’s club book, which is ALL around Money Mindset. I’ll be announcing the book later today over in the book club group. You can join that HERE if you are not already a member. I first read this book years ago, but am looking forward to revisiting it with you guys.

# 4 The internet is freaking amazing and I’m incredibly grateful for it and all that it can do. To help me to continue to run my business, to run online live workouts and of course keep connected with the people that I love.

# 5 Whilst my husband annoys me a lot of the time he is also pretty incredible. Everything was a LOT harder when he was not here.

# 6 It’s never been clearer how much of an introvert I actually am. I have no problem with being in lockdown, it’s not all that different from how I normally spend a lot of my time, I love being in my house, minus the home schooling of course BUT…….

# 7 I will never take our freedom for granted. To be able to go out whenever I want, to do what I want, travel to wherever I want to. Never have I realised just how good we have all had it before now and I really want to remember that once we get out

# 8 My kids are pretty resilient, as long as we remain calm with a positive outlook, remember to have fun, love and hug each other, they are going to be ok. Despite my distinct poor ability to be able to teach and even poorer ability to do it in French, some lessons are far more important than formal education

# 9 Daily habits are the things that help me to thrive when faced with any adversity. Journaling, meditation, daily intention setting, movement, nutrition, hydration and sleep are simply life giving.

# 10 We can all survive with much less than we had been consuming. I believe that the earth is healing and that this time has been given for us all to pull back to the basics and just simplify life a little more.

I’d love to know what have been some of your lessons so far through all of this.

Comment below and share some of the lessons you have takes so far from all of this

Thanks for reading

Love Always


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