5 Steps To Keeping Physically & Mentally Strong Through Lockdown

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Mar 27

5 Steps To Remaining Physically & Mentally Strong Through Lockdown

We are currently navigating through a very interesting time in our lives, and I use the word ‘interesting’ very intentionally.

It’s so easy to sink into the panic and anxiousness of all that is unknown right now, and I always want to be mindful about that language I use to describe what’s going on.

I say interesting, because I want to use this time as a period of growth, a time to develop and to get to know myself better than ever before. When we look at the situation as an opportunity for self development we then take back some control of ourselves in what are very uncertain times.

Here are 5 steps to helping you stay physically and mentally strong throughout the lockdown period

#1 – Allow Yourself To Feel Your Fears

So often when we feel fearful and anxious in an attempt to cope or tell ourselves that we are ok we push it down, suppress it and attempt to ignore what it is we are feeling. This in turn can lead to other methods of attempting to cope with your emotion. Common ones are turning to food to comfort your feelings and of course alcohol in an attempt to numb it out alltogether.

But i’m not talking about feeling the fears and then continuing to sit there wallowing in it.

This is about acknowledging that your fears are real, that they are calling to be recognised, shouting at you for you to give them attention. So give yourself 15-20 mins to cry, to feel sad, to be the victim, but you are not going to stay there. We feel the energy then you have to let that energy start to move through the body.

I like to visualise this negative energy as a red light in the centre of my body as I let myself feel the emotion allow it to sit and notice the thoughts that I am allowing myself to lead down. I grab my journal and a pen and write it all out, no filtering, just writing and allow myself to consider the worst case scenario.

I know this may sound like the opposite of what positive psychology usually tells us to do about only writing out and thinking about the positives. But that is not how the human brain works, we instantly want to consider the worst and blocking yourself from doing that can stop you from processing and actually accepting what is currently going on.

When we write out the worst case scenario and then ask yourself ‘ok so if …….. Happened, how would I overcome that??’ We then take the fears and start to bring ourselves to a place of acceptance. To start to consider that if the worst did happen (and I know there are many worst case scenarios that you are currently considering) but the truth is, you would still find a way through even the darkest of times. When you remind yourself of that you reclaim some of your power back.

So once we have written this all out, I come back to that vision of the red light (or whatever colour you want to give it) and visualise it on the move. With that I often move my body, whether that is in the form of a workout, a walk, or simply shake my body out. Allow that energy to move up towards the head and the aim is to expel it out.

You could hit a punch bag, take it out in your workout, run it out, shout, scream but decide now to expel that energy right out of your body. You have acknowledged it, you have felt it and now it’s time to release it.

You can now also rip those pages up, burn them, whatever you want to do and turn over a new page in your journal. This time write out the best case scenario. If you could have the situation turn out for the best what could that look like?? Write that out, create that vision in as much detail as possible and hold that hope and faith in your heart as you now go out through the rest of your day.

This is a powerful ritual, and one that I hope you will try out if you have been struggling with your feelings so far.

#2 Make A Plan

I’m not talking planning in the usual sense like we do with the Get Your Sh*t Together planner (but definitely get your free copy HERE if you don’t have it already), we can’t plan into the future, heck I can barely think beyond today at the moment. 

So the planning comes in the form of setting bacis intentions, i.e, I will get up today and do………

Write out a list of the things you want to get done and write it onto the daily focus sheet. This is not a time to be adding a shed load of pressure on yourself, however I do feel it’s incredibly important to maintain some form of rhythm and routine in your life. Your small and daily habits are the things that will ground you and keep you going at this time.

Also consider making plans for how you will navigate the areas of life that you must keep going. Maybe you need to create a  plan with your work schedule, your home schooling, your workouts, how you will manage your finances.

Then be flexible with your approach and not too hard on yourself, this is about creating tools to support your goals and your intention of using this time to move through it with grace and a lot less stress.

#3 – Keeping Physically Strong

The most empowering thing that you can do for your body right now is to keep it moving and to nurture it with nutrient dense foods giving your body all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and of course minimising your stress levels by optimising sleep and utilising the power of meditation and breathwork.

It’s at times when our health is at potential risk I believe we come to appreciate it the most. So think about how you could support your body right now. Your body wants to be healthy, it wants to be strong and we know that this is also known that good health is the best defense system we have against this virus.

I have been working to provide as many free resources as possible, such as equipment free workouts over on my Youtube channel like this one

Healthy recipes over on my Pinterest boards, like this immune boosting tea CLICK HERE to check that out and save.

Be sure to follow me on those channels so that you can get access to any new resources that go up.

But I have also been contacted by a lot of people wanting a little more support right now as many of you do have a little more time to now focus on optimising your body and your health right now.

Because of this I have decided to launch an online 30 day wellness program. CLICK HERE for full details and to join us now.

#4 – Emotional Awareness

As I talked about at the beginning, this is a time for us to become more emotionally aware than ever before. Check in with yourself daily and just ask, ‘how am I feeling?’. Take away the judgements, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, your emotions are just feedback.

And with this feedback you also get to ask yourself, ok what is this emotion telling me? What do I need right now?

Because if left unchecked our mindless reactions to emotions can lead to destructive habits without us even realising. A low mood, or boredom, or fearful thought pattern is triggered and you automatically find yourself with another biscuit in your hand.

So check in with your habits and notice how they have been shifting. Take back control of them by being consciously aware of how you will manage them.

This is such a huge part of lasting transformation and why it’s an important element of all the work I do with my clients.

#5 Daily Recalibration

This is really an accumulation of all of the above and putting it into a daily practice of taking back control.

For me this comes in my morning routine.

Meditation or breathwork to connect and tune into my body.

Journaling to check in with my emotions and thoughts and shifting any negative energy, allowing it to move up and out of the body, to release and let it go and bring your focus on to the vision of what’s on the other side of this.

I go into all of this in a lot more detail within the Shine Squad. Of course you get access to all of this and a whole lot more if you join us for this month only as part of the Online Fitcamp where I will be guiding you through using all of these tools one little step at a time. CLICK HERE to join us now and remember that when you book now you also get a free place for a friend so you can split the cost.

Make the habit of just checking in daily and asking what it is that you need to help you come back to a space of feeling more balanced.

You can and you will get through this, it’s going to be ok. So take care of yourself now and keep those spirits up.

I’d love to know if you found these tips useful and more so if you start to put them into practice

Love Always


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