Focusing On What You CAN Control At Times Of Challenge

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Mar 18

Focusing On What You CAN Control At Times Of Challenge

What a week last week was, things have progressed extremely quickly and now it almost feels as though we have plunged into a Zombie apocalypse type movie scene.

I know things in the UK are currently continuing as normal for now, whereas here in France we are now on complete lock down. Only allowed out with a permission slip and will be fined if you don’t produce. Only food shops and pharmacies remain open, with essential workers only allowed to continue to work.

So with all of this taking place it’s normal for people to feel fearful and panicked. We all have people that we love that are in the ‘at risk’ category, as well as the fears we have about the economy and especially for anyone who owns a small business.

So I once again come in to remind you, that at times like this, it has never been more important to take back control of your health, your body, your mindset, your thoughts and feelings.

It’s so easy to go down into a hole of negative panic, but that doesn’t serve or help anyone.

Believe me I went down that path for a couple of hours last week and yesterday was like that as after a poor night sleep I was certainly not being my best self lol . Gav is still in the UK for now and the thought of having to home school my kids (my literal worst nightmare) it all felt a little too much at the time.

So yes I had a bit of a cry about it, I feel it’s always important to allow yourself to feel what it is you are feeling, to bring it up, let yourself be in that space of negativity instead of ignoring or attempting to suppress it, as that never works out well in the long run. Process it, move through it, just commit to not staying stuck in that space.

A big part of my work within the Shine Squad is around helping women through crisis points in their life, who feel stuck and overwhelmed by their fears and frustrations. And though this is significantly different circumstances, a lot of the processes and tools I use remain the same. I am incredibly grateful right now that I have the ability to continue to work online. To support my members through this challenging time as I feel more strongly than ever before, that at times like this we all need a resource to stay grounded, connected and optimistic and that is what I am focusing ALL my efforts on creating within this group.

This week I am working on helping them shift their daily habits to avoid getting over consumed with the news and the anxiety that this can bring up and inviting them to look for ways that this time can be used for growth, particularly personal growth.

Because being at home and being forced to slow down can actually be a huge opportunity when you choose to look at it that way. Shift your perception, shift your reality.

I for one am pledging to use this time to be able to really connect with my kids (and scream at them a little less lol). I honestly want my children to look back on this time and feel that they actually enjoyed being at home with their Mum and feeling truly connected.

Now, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this as I am no Mary Poppins and can lose my sh!t at the best of times, but I want to show my kids that I am someone who is taking the lead. To make them feel safe, secure, to create certainly and routine even in times of uncertainty. How we as parents react to this, is going to be a HUGE lesson for our kids.

As homeschooling is something I would NEVER consider doing, it’s certainly not going to be easy for me. So I have been working on creating a plan.

It would be so easy to let the kids get up when they want and lounge around in their PJ’s all day (don’t get me wrong, some days will definitely be like that) but I feel the importance of routine, for my own sanity as much as anything else. So we will be getting up at normal times, getting dressed and sitting at the table to do work. 

I have used the ‘Weekly Planner’ sheet and created a learning plan. I’m actually going to be vlogging my progress with this as I feel that I am not going to be the only one navigating this challenge, so want to share my experience and thoughts so that I can potentially help others.

Because whether you are currently in lock down or not, I feel it’s something we should all mentally prepare ourselves for. And not to scare you, but when you can consider and prepare for the worst, and to be ok with that, that is when you become the person who thrives through adversity.

I will be sharing my progress on this over on my Youtube channel, you can follow me HERE

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I also hope that this will serve you in allowing you to also look at what else is possible for you, if you are feeling fearful about how you will sustain your own finances. It’s time to get innovative and think outside the box.

If you are a business owner, what could you create online? Could you start offering delivery instead of people having to come and visit you? Could you offer online classes or tutorials with your area of expertise?

If you are forced to be off work, what could you learn? Could you have the time to do that online qualification you keep on meaning to do? Could you start that blog you keep on thinking about writing?

Could you organise your house or get those home jobs that you never seem to have enough time for?

Could you get up to date with your filing and paperwork? (i know that’s a pretty boring one, but just think about the satisfaction of getting that done)

Sure it’s easier to sit and wallow in self pity, with your heightened levels of boredom and committing to watching every netflix series going, but as I stated in a previous email. Those that overcome adversity, no matter how bleak things may seem at times, are the ones who thrive out of the other side.

And we WILL come out of the other side of this, this won’t last forever. 

While so much it out of our control right now, bring your attention to the things that are within your control and commit to your health and the things that you CAN do to develop yourself during this time.

Love Always


PS – The doors for the Shine Squad are continuing to remain open as in times of social isolation it’s so important to focus on self care, self growth but also connection. Through the powers of the internet we can stay connected like never before and I feel we all need communities that pull together.

Inside the Shine Squad there is a huge resource of coaching training to help you deal with and overcome times of adversity and new trainings and support get added weekly as well as our weekly live group coaching sessions where I get to connect and support you guys live.

I am doing all I can to help my Shine Squadders remain calm and optimistic, but also into a state of growth as there is still so much that we can work on and develop at this time. We can only help others when we focus on helping ourselves first, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am so proud of each and every one of the amazing ladies in this group and how much they have all be coming together over the last couple of weeks. It’s so incredible to see

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