How To Be More Productive In 2020 | My Top Productivity Tips

By Emma Colsey | Productivity & Planning

Feb 26

My Top #5 Productivity Tips

I want to put it out there that no one is born into this world being super productive. Most of us are whinging it and doing the best we can.

BUT I also know that rushing through life and running around like a blue arsed fly (i’m not even sure what that saying actually means) but you know what I mean, right?

If you think about some of the happiest times in your life, I betcha bottom dollar, those moments were not spent feeling rushed off your feet.

I get it, I know you want so much, because I am that person too. If you have big dreams, goals and ambitions it can be hard to fit it all in.

Just the other day I had an email from someone saying

“I’m struggling balancing waking up at 5am, all the water, writing in my journal, working out at the gym, a demanding professional career, studying on the side for another qualification, while maintaining a marriage and raising kiddos? Can you please post your schedule? How do you fit it all in?”

And sure I can share exactly what my schedule is, but that probably isn’t going to help you.

This is your life and this is all about you creating a schedule that works for YOU!

So let’s get into that a little more and here are my 5# top steps to being more productive, actually getting sh* t done and freeing up more time. Remember that’s really what it’s all for. How you can be more productive with the time that you do have, so that it frees up more time for the fun stuff that you actually want to be doing more of.

#1 – Slow the fuck down and take a breath

I know it may seem counter intuitive, you don’t have the time to slow down, if anything you want to be moving faster, right?? Wrong, you are likely to be wasting so much time, doing the things that aren’t really that important, and if you carry on you are going to burn out, and then you are no good to anyone at all.

Whilst you are in a whirlwind feeling overwhelmed and stressed AF you are missing out on the joys and the beauty of life. Slowing down to take a breath is actually the key to getting ahead.

Slowing down will allow you to create clarity, focus to remind yourself what you are actually working towards. 

Definitely check out last weeks video on creating a 15 min morning routine which is all about slowing the morning and creating clarity and intention for your day. You can find that HERE

#2 – Write Things Down

Overwhelm happens when we have too much going on in the mind. Stop trying to keep everything in your head. Getting out of your head and onto paper or better still into your planner will help you to step out of the overwhelm, create clarity and focus and get into action.

#3 – Simplify and apply the 80-20 rule

Productive people don’t have less on their plate, in fact I would say they probably have more, but the point is that they get stuff done by simplifying. So when you have got your ideas out of your head and onto paper you get to prioritise the items that are actually important. This takes us to the 80/20 rule. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s the principal and indeed a whole book written on the fact that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.

For example, if you are working on losing weight. 80% of your results will come if you just focused on the food you are putting in your mouth, the nutrition is the 20%. So instead of stressing about every other aspect of what it takes to lose weight and just focused on your nutrition you would start seeing better results.

If it’s in business your profits will come from just 20% of your best products.

In parenting it’s 20% of those special moments that you have with your kids that have the biggest impact on their lives and the way their futures are shaped

So once you have identified what the 20% item is then focus on that one thing first. And focus on one thing at a time, getting out the distractions and work on it until it is done.

#4 – Boundaries

Switch from being a yes bitch into a NO man.

You can’t be all things to everyone and you have to set boundaries for yourself and for what other people expect from you and be able to say NO to things that are not urgent or just plain old not important to you and your goals

#5 – Ask Yourself Better Questions Taking Time To Reflect –

Always striving to improve, create more efficiency and continual development will require regular and consistent reflection. Try using some of the following questions and spend some time with them

What needs to be done?

How can I get better?

What could someone else do for me?

What’s going well?

What’s not working? How could this be done differently or better?

Acknowledge failure and mistakes and learn from them

So I would love to know if this has been helpful and which tips you will implement first, let me know in the comments.

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Love Always


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