6 Steps To Actually Start Using Your Your Life Planner & Making It The Game Changing Tool You Can’t Live Without

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Feb 11

6 Steps To Actually Start Using Your Your Life Planner & Making It The Game Changing Tool You Can’t Live Without

Have you ever bought yourself a planner only to leave it gathering dust somewhere on a shelf. Maybe you read my emails and allow me bang on about using a planner, like the idea of it, but you just can’t seem to create the habit of actually using it.

I know, I feel you because I have been there too. I have had many planners that I really just haven’t been able to get into the swing of. And that was really a big reason why I went on to create the Get Your Sh*t Together life planner because others were either too complicated and  massive faff or didn’t have some of the key elements that I wanted to use.

And don’t even get me started on a bullet journal. If you are the artsy type and love to create beautiful things onto paper then go for it, for me they are just a sap of time. I wanted something that was easy to use yet effective.

So if you are the person that hasn’t even printed off the pages from the download page, never mind watched a single one of the training videos that comes with it, then check out these top tips, and then make this the week you allow yourself to give it another go.

If you have big goals and ambitions for what you want for your life, if you want to get there without feeling all of the stress and overwhelm, I really do urge you to give it another go. I make no apologies for continuing to bang on about using it, because I have experienced the shift for myself. I see how it helps my Shine Squad members, and I know for sure once you find your rhythm you will really start to love it too. 

So if printing off the pages and adding them into a folder is really too much faff. I used this method for years and I actually enjoyed putting it all together in my folder, I have to say having the smaller 90-day hard copy is something I am enjoying even more. Grab your copy HERE if you haven’t already.

So let’s get into my top tips and shift your mindset around using the darn thing.

#1 – It All Starts With A Belief

What are your existing beliefs around using a planner?? It’s too complicated. Planning is not in my nature. Not sure I need it in my life. If you have underlying resistance to using a planner then it’s going to be really hard to get going with it. Whatever you tell yourself about something will be your truth. 

You get to reestablish your reasons why using a planner is a good idea. And not just because I am telling you it is (though it really is lol). Because it’s going to free up more time, it’s going to help you become more productive, more motivated on a daily basis and to reduce stress, overwhelm and procrastination.

Re-establish a powerful why around your planning

Allow yourself to get excited about the feeling of having your sh!t together.

#2 – Make It Easy

One of the general principles of habit creation is that we are more likely to do it if we make it easy. If you want to make the planner something that you use every day and to make it consistent then it has to be easy.

I know for a lot of people that have either downloaded the planner or got the hard copy a big block of resistance can come with the training videos that come with it. Feeding into the belief ‘this is too hard, I don’t have the time for this’. ( You can grab a free copy HERE btw)

Solution, just set aside a little time to watch the training or simply drop me a message with any questions you may have, I am here to help you with that. STOP overthinking it, you just need to get started

If you want to master a habit the key is in repetition and not perfection. And we all know that perfection is actually all BS anyway.

But within the system of habit creation is about making it easy.

So if you want to start writing in it each morning then leave it out somewhere where you can see it when you get up. My planner is left on my kitchen table (my kitchen is currently also my office, if I had an office right now I would definitely leave it in there).

It’s there when I wake up, when I pack away in the afternoon or evening, it’s easily accessible because I see it there every day.

Build it into part of your daily routine. This is also known as habit stacking and is one of the focus points on this week’s training for my Shine Squad crew. Looking at how we can add on tiny habits to our existing routines. Because when something becomes a habit we don’t have to apply as much mental effort. It just becomes one of those things that we do.

#3 Write It Once

Using a planner is about condensing all of the places you write your appointment to do lists and all the things that you need to organise your life. If you have your planner as the place that you write these things in, then you are more likely to start using it on a daily basis.

So stop using scraps of paper here, there and everywhere and just use your planner so that you have it all in one place.

#4 Immersion

If you want to create a new habit immerse yourself and learn more about the topic. This relates to creating any habit but in the case of this video we are talking about the habit of using a life planner. So go to places where you can learn more about using a life planner. So of course actually reading the emails I send out to you twice each week, join in the free  Get It Girl community group where I talk about using a planner all the freaking time, come and join the weekly live sessions and ask questions. Read books on the topic, listen to audio books, podcasts, immerse yourself in learning more about the tool if you really want to implement it.

#5 Reward yourself

What is rewarded is repeated, what is punished is avoided. Pleasure teaches the brain that the behaviour is worth repeating. Positive emotions around using the planner will cultivate the habit of using the planner

Though this is true we also live in a world where we want instant gratification, yet the challenge with using a planner is that it can take you a little while of doing this practice before you start to achieve your results that you write in there and also gain that all empowering feeling of having your sh!t together. So if you don’t see those instant results then it can be really demotivating, you give up and that planner ends up covered in dust once more.

Because of this reason there are a couple of reward systems that have been built into the specific planning system that I use in the get your sh*t together life planner. We check in and rate our progress on the reality check wheel. We have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly check ins so you can clearly see your progress. And a BIG one is to celebrate and write in your wins on a daily basis. This will help you to develop and nurture those positive feelings of using a planner.

Other ways that you could also build in some more instant gratification is to  use the daily focus sheets and once you have completed the 3 priority items of the day you could reward yourself with something. It could be something as simple as some time out, something that would feel like a treat to you.

#6 – Culture

We pick up habits from the people around us. Have you ever gone anywhere where people have a different accent to you and you find yourself picking up the accent or copying specific sayings?? Yeah I think we all do it, we are influenced by our environment. So let’s use this to our advantage if you want to create the habit of using a planner.

Join a culture where using a planner is just the normal, where growth and change become a group experience.

So this could be like finding a friend who also has ambitious plans and whats to get her shit together, could you become accountability partners and check in with each other daily just shooting across a whatsapp message to see how they are doing.

Come and join the Get It Girl free group community. Again in this space there are many women in there who are just getting to grips with using a planner.

Or like in the Shine Squad where those guys are posting about using their planners every damn day, using the planner is the norm and a powerful tool that I hold them accountable to each and every week. Where they are experiencing the power of having their plans laid out, their goals specific and clear on the strategy steps to forward growth.

The Shine Squad is a powerful place to assist you in getting the goals and the life that you really want to be experiencing. For those that are ready to step up to those Get ready to set your soul aligned goals and make those dreams of yours a reality. It’s your time to shine

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Remember it just takes for you to get started with that planner. I promise the little extra effort it takes in the beginning will absolutely be worth it. And if you have any questions about anything in today’s email. Hit reply now, I am here to help and support you.

Love Always

PS – if you have any feedback or additional resistance to using the planner that is not covered in here then leave a comment below. I am working to constantly improve this tool so that it really does become your daily go to that makes big shifts in your life.

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