The Subtle Art Of Getting Your Shit Together

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Feb 04

Do you ever feel like you are always busy, on the go, full on and at the end of the day and weekends are left feeling wiped out and exhausted, because there is just never enough time??? 

If you have been feeling the frustration of putting in the work but haven’t been seeing the results as fast as you would like, then you need to learn the fine art of getting your sh*t together.

I’m personally feeling suuuper pumped for this month. I am on a serious mission myself focusing on the goals that I want to hit this year and spreading this energy over into my Shine Squad crew.

So if you are deciding to claim January as a non starter, it’s ok fear not, we are here at the start of a brand new week, a new month, it’s a great opportunity for a re-set. 

So whip out your planner, (CLICK HERE to get your free copy if for some crazy reason you don’t already have one) taking the time to review what did go well, what gets to change and what lessons you learnt from the month of January so you can get clear on what gets to be put in place for the month ahead.

You see when I come to ask people ‘what do you want’, many often can’t specifically tell me, because they don’t take the space to really consider it. They can often clearly tell me what they don’t want.

I’m sick of my clothes not fitting

I don’t want the pressure of feeling like I have the world on my shoulders

I’m sick of low confidence and self doubt

I’m tired of the stress and overwhelm

But these are all negatively driven ideas, a drive that is based around fear and frustration. This is not inspiring you to create change.

If you are really going to get fired up around taking action you are going to have to get specific but also meaningful about your targets.

To tap into your reasons why, to create goals that are derived from your soul and really mean something to you and the quality of your life, to put real value and importance on these things because the ‘nice to have’ goals are not going to take you there.

But the goals where you have said, enough is enough, this means something to me, this of high importance to my life, my health, my success, my happiness I have to have this thing. Then you will create the way to getting there.

Inside the Shine Squad we write down our targets, we talk about them, we receive feedback and create the ability for each other to course correct where needed.

This is why it’s often helpful to get feedback from someone on the outside, who is not there deep in the emotion of it with you, who can help you to see a different perspective. Because perspective is really everything. How we choose to see the world, ourselves and our reasons for not reaching our goals can sometimes be very skewed.

Like just this month one of our new members has had just some slight changes in her mindset which translated to MASSIVE results in her outcome.

She posted on her review this week

“Just with very slight changes in mindset, and even some days / weeks feeling like I’ve made some less good food choices, I’ve SMASHED my 90 day goal of losing 3kg, and lost 4kg 9 in the first month”

A 90 day goal achieved in just one month (4KG is just over 8lb if you are like me and work in old money lol), exceeding all of her expectations of what she thought was possible for her.

And doing this in a way where she doesn’t feel like she has been on a diet. She says, “just been riding my horse more consistently and making some slightly healthier food choices”. 


That my friends is called changing the freaking game!!

This months focus in the Shine Squad is all about managing both your time and your energy so you can work towards your goals without feeling like you are spinning your tail

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be as hard as you are making it out to be.

Some simple shifts + powerful habits + the right support = big changes.

If you want to achieve results like this with your goals this month the CLICK HERE and join us over in the Shine Squad now.

Love Always


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