Struggling To Get Started This Year?? [Do This]

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jan 20

Struggling To Get Started This Year?? [Do This]

Do you feel like you have been struggling to get going this year, or that you keep on slipping back off track??

First up, let me tell you this. There is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ track, you are exactly where you need to be, and you are a beautiful and worthy just as you are. You actually don’t ‘need’ to change anything, so drop the pressure, the guilt as it’s that constant cycle of guilt that halts your progress and becomes TOXIC if you allow it to.

Having said that I know that you do still have goals, you still crave change and growth, that’s why we are all here right?

I know when you have big dreams and goals it can be inspiring, but it can also be massively overwhelming. You have so much you want to get done, yet there never feels like there’s enough time to actually do all of the stuff.

Stop the overwhelm, take a breath. You CAN do this!

Having a system, a routine, a habit that helps you to anchor in what you want to accomplish for the week ahead can completely shift how much you are actually able to get done.

Your progress will come from having clarity around the end goal, being able to feel into being that person you desire to become and the ability to prioritise the things that are important in helping you to be able to get there.

A system that allows you to implement the little steps consistently to compound into big results.

 Here are 5 little things you can start doing this week, and BTW also part of the Get Your Sh*t Together life planner system, so keep on coming back to this tool.

  1. CLARITY – What the ‘F’ do you actually want more of in your life. Get clear on this and remind yourself of your ‘why’ each and every day. 
  2. PLAN– Plan out your days, weeks and months ahead of time. Don’t leave things to chance, get intentional.
  3. BREAKDOWN – Your results don’t come from the big things. They come from the little action steps that you do daily. Daily habits, routines and rituals
  4. GRATITUDE – Yes have goals, but don’t take your eye off the things that are already awesome in your life. This is about enjoying the journey
  5. HYDRATE – You can’t think and function properly if your body is dehydrated. Just drink more water, it’s actually really simple.

All of these things are just systems, little tiny habits that over time will compound into your big results, these small things that when implemented consistently will change the game.

And this is the focus of our February theme over in the Shine Squad. Instead of leaving your results to chance, we are going to look at your core wants and desires for 2020 and guiding you to implement that habits that are going to get you there.

Your habits are the core foundation of helping you feel like you have your sh*t together.

And I will be there to coach you through making the shifts, because we all know it can be so much harder, and take so much longer when you are attempting to go it alone.

Know the power of coaching:

If you want to learn to ride a bike….

A consultant or a program would ride the bike, create an instruction manual and give it to you 

(kinda like I do in these blog posts. I give you the information, but it’s still down to you whether you actually get on the bike and attempt to ride the damn thing)

A coach will stand right beside you as you learn to ride the bike for yourself 

(like what happens over in the Shine Squad. It’s where you get daily encouragement, support, feedback on your individual challenges, guidance, we hold your hand through those first wobbly steps and remind you to not give up)

CLICK HERE to join us now and start to turn things around in 2020 knowing that the Shine Squad will always have your back.

Love Always


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