Goal Setting For 2020| But How’s It Going To Be Different?

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jan 03

Goal Setting For 2020| But How’s It Going To Be Different?

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Ah the feeling of hitting a goal and getting one of your items ticked off feels immense.

I actually ticked off one of mine just yesterday.

It was one of my Finish Strong goals, and while I didn’t get it done before the end of the year dates I had set, I powered on through and completed it 2 days late.

I finally submitted my chapter for a book collaboration that is being launched in 2020!! It feels amazing to have completed it.

Whilst I didn’t hit all of my goals in 2019, some that I got, some got close and others just aren’t relevant anymore, but along the way I had a blast.

And this is always the point of goal setting. To set goals that encourage you to enjoy the journey, to lead with joy and excitement. Otherwise what’s the point in it all anyway?

So I encourage you to dream big as you step into 2020, maybe bigger than you ever have before.

But then also consider the question:

What is going to make this year different?

Whether you want to be a better parent, get in better shape, start that new business, get promoted, bag yourself a pay rise, spice up/deepen your relationships, or travel to see more of the world, you’ll need to add some level of priority onto those goals if you want to see them actually come into fruition.

What are your feelings around these goals?

How could you dive even deeper into your commitment of achieving them? 

Because if like me you had some that you didn’t hit last year but there are still there and still feel important to you, your level of commitment towards them is another thing that is going to require you to do differently.

A lot of people struggle to get this type of clarity, even getting clear on what it is you want, but also being able to break those goals down to discover what your first action steps are going to be.

On last night’s training over in the Shine Squad I talked on the 3 levels of change and how to use these to create lasting change. Don’t worry if you haven’t joined yet, you can still access this training when you decide to jump on as a brand new Shine Squad member.

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Everything you need to take the stress and overwhelm away and move you into the space of feeling good and feeling so darn fired up to go after your goals this year in a way that feels fun, exciting and fulfilling.

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I have such an incredible feeling about this amazing group of women, the energy I could feel on last nights call was immense.

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Here is what one of our lovely members recently posted (and without me even asking her to)

Wishing you all a fantastic and happy 2020! Dream big

We are waiting for you.

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Love Always


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