Ready For Fresh Starts & New Beginnings?

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Dec 29

It’s the Christmas holidays and of course that weird zone in between when you have no idea what day of the week it actually is.

But the new year is just around the corner. That means fresh starts, new beginnings, and that time when you decide to get your but in gear and set all of those New Year resolutions.

Have you resolved to go to the gym every day, but for real this time? To eat better? To make significant changes to your body and your health? To make big changes in your life?

I know you probably want to bring your focus back to your body and your health in the New Year, we all do right?

It’s why I’m so excited to announce January’s Shine Squad guest expert Rhia Clayton from Sustained Results Female fat loss & mindset coach, mum of 2 and advocate of all things balance.

In January’s Guest Expert masterclass she is sharing her top strategies on how to build a filling fat loss diet.

– Learn how to strike a balance between life and fat loss

– How to lose weight without restricting, rebounding and losing your common sense around food

This training is all about taking back control of your eating behaviours and actually creating a system that works for you. No fluffy advice like ‘just listen to your body’ but actual real life strategy that you can apply and will teach you what listening to your body feels and looks like in the real world.

No pills, no potions, no quick fixes or fads. Just solid foundations for creating a fat loss system that will continue to work for you for the long term.

This training is exclusive to my Shine Squad members. Get It Girl ‘Shine Squad’ is a membership incubator to deepen your journey into self and personal development and the power of your true potential.

In 2019 the Shine Squad has been such an incredible space and the results that the guys have been getting in there has just blown me away.

But of course I am always working hard to strive for continual improvement, so for 2020 there some significant upgrades coming your way. Which means you get even more value for what is an already pretty incredible program.

The Shine Squad ethos is women learning, expanding and growing together. Designed to empower women just like you, to step out of the shadows of insecurity or self doubt and arm you with the tools of self development, self belief and the feeling of being enough.

Get ready to set your soul aligned goals and make those dreams of yours become a reality. It’s time to elevate and shine as the badass you always dreamt you could be.

You and your dreams are worth working for

This is a tool to help you improve in ALL areas of your life

  • Health: Heal your relationship with food and nurture a happy healthy body
  • Self: Shift your mindset to increase motivation, self belief and resilience and become unstoppable
  • Relationships: Create amazing relationships with the people that you love
  • Career: Reconnection with purpose, passion and excitement for your path in life

Each month you get:

​- Monthly coaching class. A full training to guide you through the topic for that month. Content that will help you create powerful shifts in your life.

​- Workbooks showing you the exact steps to help you dig deeper into the concept being taught

– Transformative meditations, visualisations and journal prompts to allow you to tap into the energy of the monthly topic.

– ​Weekly Live Q&As and feedback sessions with hot seat coaching sessions​

– Monthly challenge for accountability and to support you in applying the habits that connect with the course content and to keep you growing and pushing those goals.​

– Access to our private Shine Squad Facebook group where you can share your journey, ask questions, speak your truth and get real time support when you need it the most

It’s not just about the powerful trainings and all the amazing resources that are there to support you. The most impactful part is about being in a place of community. That space where you are surrounded with other like minded human beings. It’s a collaborative, supportive space of amazing females who have all decided to go all in too. Truth is, we all need a place where can feel space to speak our truth.

Women just do better when they have other women that they can rely on and there is the research that backs it up.

Join now for just £57 per month, no tie ins, membership can be cancelled at any time. If you decide it’s not for you, just let us know and we will cancel your membership.

The Shine Squad has monthly content to help you grow in every area of your life. Not only will you receive new content every month, but you also get access to the entire back catalog of topics. So if you come up against a specific challenge, you can be guided to the module that will help the most.

Topics include:

Setting Goals From Soul

Limiting Beliefs

Time & Energy Management

Design Your Life For Success

How To Journal For Self Growth

Motivation & Finding Your Fire

Staying Focused

Overcoming Challenges

Managing Emotions

Fitness & Nutrition

And so much more

All For Just £57 Per Month

My Shine Squad crew have been absolutely flying and I want you to be a part of it.

Our members say it’s like having a gym membership but for your brain.

Start your transformation now

And if you don’t love it, you can cancel any time

CLICK HERE to join now and access January’s guest expert training where we bring our focus on to the body.

I’m so excited to have you as part of this amazing tribe. CLICK HERE and get access now.

Love Always


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