Most People Will Skip This…. And They Are Missing A Trick

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Dec 10

Most People Will Skip This…. And They Are Missing A Trick

We are getting prepared to step into a brand new decade, which is just completely crazzzzy. But it’s also really freaking exciting to think about what is possible for you and your life in the next 10 years.

As I was flicking back on Facebook memories to look at some old pictures to remind myself just how much things have changed. It’s why I do love posting things on social media as it becomes such a huge catalog of memories that you can look back at, at any time.

A the start of good ole pole days

In the first picture whilst I had been a fitness instructor for a number of years I was always looking for ways to be ahead of the game in fitness, and I was just finding my feet as a pole fitness instructor and actually becoming a proper business owner.

You see, teaching fitness classes in clubs actually didn’t require me to know anything about actual business until I had to start out and trying to get my own clients to come into classes.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and was completely winging it, but what I did have was energy, passion, enthusiasm plus the help and support of my incredible husband and my family. 

So much has changed in my life since this picture. 

  • I opened my own fitness studio at the same time as having a brand new baby. Baby Clayton and ECN-Bodyworks were both born in 2010
  • Built that business from scratch into the amazing fitness community that it was.
  • Helped 100’s of women, and a few men transform their bodies, their mindset and a place that wasn’t just about the fitness, it was a place that felt like home and some amazing memories were made.
  • I have lost count of the number of Spartan races run, but there have been lots, and I have loved every one of them and still do today, and even managed to complete and Ultra.
  • Made some amazing life long friends
  • Been on some incredible holidays
  • Choreographed and organised several pole shows raising thousands for various different charities
  • Had a second baby
  • Saved my marriage from divorce
  • Made some huge mistakes in selling my businesses and putting my trust in the wrong people
  • Renovated 2 houses and we are now on our third
  • Moved to France with 2 kids and 2 dogs to start a new and even more amazing life in the mountains
  • Created some AMAZING retreats and transformational experiences for people
  • Created my own life planner that has been downloaded over 1000 times and has now been turned into a hard copy that is available to buy on Amazon
  • Created an amazing online community of women within my Shine Squad who are changing the game in their own lives and I get to facilitate that

We have been here in France for over 3 years now, that in itself I still can’t believe as the time really does just fly by.

But as I look back over the last 10 years, there have been some truly incredible experiences with so much happiness and laughter.

Yes there have been a few major f*ck up’s and massive lessons learnt too.

So today I invite you to consider what your past 10 years has looked like? What’s been the journey for you?

What have been the good things that have happened? What didn’t go so well, and what did you learn from those experiences?

Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life?

This is such an essential process, yet I know that most people won’t bother to do this.

But the truth is, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

So start to consider what you want to see for the next 10 years, what would you want to change? How would you want things to be different?

What do you want more of in your life?

I love doing reflection work and using it to create powerful intentions for what you want to create and experience more of in your future. I have only really been doing intentional goal setting work for the past 4 years and actually it’s the period where I have seen the biggest shift with my mindset and my results.

So this is going to be the focus of this week’s Thursday night live over in the Get It Girl Community group CLICK HERE if you are not already a member, this is my free facebook community group where we carry on the conversation to follow up these emails.

I’ll be guiding you with more specific questions for you to consider and also adding in 5 powerful questions to consider for your best possible 2020 and for the decade that is to come.

CLICK HERE to join the group and don’t miss this session on Thursday 12th 8.30PM GMT.

Love Always


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