How To Be More Consistent: And Start Hitting Your Goals

By Emma Colsey | Journaling

Nov 26

How To Be More Consistent: And Start Hitting Your Goals

It’s the strategy that could be the answer to all of our problems right.

How many times have you made a decision you are going to start something big? To make this time the game changer?

Maybe you wanted to lose weight, you wanted to start meditating, you wanted to start your own blog or side hustle, you wanted to attract a new partner. You started out with all guns blazing, you are super fired up and excited for what can be achieved, then about 2 weeks in you are feeling flat, making your excuses and you just can’t be bothered.

Next thing you know a couple of months later you are back at square one, but feeling pissed off about it you are promising yourself to start again and that this time it will be different

Like it or not, the truth is that if you want anything in life you simply have to learn to be able to stick at it for the long term, there is no such thing as a quick fix. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better

The things that you want aren’t going to come from one intense bout of effort, it’s not sustainable, it’s not enjoyable, it always leads to you giving up.

So how can we stay on track without feeling burnt out and quitting??

Consistency is ALL about creating habits. The things that you can keep on doing day in, day out. So how exactly can you start developing the habit of being more consistent?

I think we all struggle with this in some areas, but it’s certainly worth working on as the benefits of being consistent are soooooo worth it.

This is the system that I designed the get your shit together planner around. Its a system to keep you being consistent.

So here is my 5 step system to creating consistency and getting it done.

#1 – Create Crystal Clear Clarity

What is it that you want? What’s the thing? The goal? The big vision?

You know creating content and writing new blog posts every week, it isn’t easy, working to keep this group active, informative and of value you to you guys is not easy, it’s a lot of work. BUT I keep on showing up because I am clear on my why. I do it because it’s an amazing way to connect with you guys to help reach people across the world and actually make a difference to people’s lives. I have worked so hard on my own mindset, to practice and develop the tools that I come to share and it’s changed my life for the better and I want to share that message with the world. That’s my why.

Go and download the planner HERE and check out the dream life map and the dream life visualisation to help you with this step

#2 – Magnify The Meaning – 

So when you have your why, go even deeper with it, pile on the meaning so that it isn’t just something you want, what are the reasons, it has to become a necessity in your life, something that is really freaking important to you. What will it mean if you don’t get it?? How will life be different when you DO achieve it? Who else’s life will it change? Piling on the meaning make you raise the level of priority. Most people don’t reach their goals because their why isn’t powerful enough and therefore achieving it just isn’t a priority in their lives. Fitness is a great example of this, but it applies to every single area of life. I still run fitness classes and get people messaging me to cancel, which is absolutely fine, I get it life shows up and sometimes it can’t be helped, but show me where you are making up that session, show me where if you are serious about your health and fitness because it’s a priority in your life, because you know the fitter and healthier you are the more badass you show up in other areas of your life, show me you are committed.

#3 – Have A Strategy

You have a goal, it’s a clear vision so now ask what’s the first step towards getting that. The first small little thing, then what’s the second step, the third etc. Write that shit down on your daily focus sheets. Write in the steps each day, and remind yourself of the big vision each and every day.

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#4 – Keep It Simple –

We like to make things hard for ourselves, we overcomplicate it, make it harder than it needs to be. If you want success, you have to keep it simple. Work on one thing at a time. I am terrible for this as I want it all and I want it now which is why in the planner I set out a space to create priority goals. And no more than 4 priority goals at a time. Work on the strategy and nailing that one thing and making it as a habit. The strategy, the first step it’s a small thing right, a small thing that if you did consistently would add up to working towards the goal. Make it routine and take out the emotion from it. Because guess what there will be days that you don’t feel like doing it, if you keep the system simple you get to override the days when you just don’t feel like it.

#5 – Reflect and review –

Again this comes to creating a habit of checking in with yourself. Being honest and asking yourself, did you do what you said you were going to do? If not then don’t go hating on yourself and making it a big massive deal, but do question why and ask what you can do to overcome that the next time.

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People who give up do so because they are not checking in with themselves, they are not holding themselves accountable. The reflect and review process will invite you to come back to your big old why. There will be times when I come back and revisit that dream life meditation time and time again. Because that is my internal drive, my motivation and when I check in with myself it need to be able to step back into that aligned energy of the why. That will be the driving force that will be the difference between giving up and starting the next time you get pissed off that you don’t have that thing, v’s get up and re-starting and coming back to being consistent in the next moment instead of the next month.

Download your free copy of the planner HERE and start taking the actions for more consistency and achieving the goals that you set out to achieve.


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