And So She Decided

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Oct 28

There are 65 days left in 2019. 

That’s time you are only gonna get the chance to live once. So what are you going to choose to do with those days? Just a little over 2 months until the end of 2019, will you make it count?? Or will you do what most other people do and indulge in slowing down, easing off and promising to start again in 2020.

If you have been reading these emails for any amount of time, I know that’s not how you want to roll either. You know you were born for more, made for more and NOW is the time to really go with it. What if you made plans now that would guarantee you more success with your life goals in 2020.

So let’s get intentional about that right now today. Grab yourself a pen and paper, or if you have got yourself a journal obvs use that. You know I love a good ole journal session. So whatever you are using, write out the answers to the following questions

Over the next 65 days:

1# What do I want to say yes to???

Yes to happiness?

Yes to making memories?

Yes to your health?

Yes to a new job or career path?

Yes to an adventure?

Yes to an exciting opportunity?

Yes to more you time?

Yes to more wealth?

2# What do you want to say no to?

Saying no to parties that you don’t even want to go to?

No to people that drain your energy?

No to over scheduling?

No to putting other people first?

No to procrastination

No to stress

No to overwhelm

No to overspending for the sake of it

3# What would you looooove to finally get finished off? Something you have meaning to get nailed down for like all year long?

Pick something that you really truly want to do and write it down, I’m serious. Get intentional about all of these, how do you want to feel by committing to your yes’s, saying NO to the things you are no longer going to tolerate and what exactly do you want to get ticked off. 

How good will it feel to finally have it checked off your list?

That fitness goal you really wanted to hit

That class or course you have been meaning to sign up to

That debt you have been wanting to get paid off

Clearing out that room that’s been staring at you for months to do something about

To set up your new blog

To start writing that book

To take that leap of faith that you keep putting off

What is it for you?

Focus on how great it’s going to feel to make these promises to yourself and get them nailed down before the end of the year.

Because if you are not willing to get up and choose that for yourself. It’s not going to happen. Will you be the type of person who will actually let yourself have it?

This is exactly what the Shine Squad Finish Strong Challenge is all about. Helping you to clear out, declutter your life and your mind and get down to get those priority items finished off before the year is out so you can start the New Year 10 steps ahead of the game.

In November I am getting super fired up for some brand new and exclusive trainings to help you:

Aligning to goals with soul – Not just setting some new goals but looking at creating goals that are soul based v’s being fear based and how to define your own strategy for making them happen in the next 60 days.

How To Sift & Release To Open The Floodgates For More Awesome – What are the things in your life that don’t belong in with the leveled up version of you. We are talking about releasing things physically, energetically and within the mind. What do you get to let go of so you can shift into that new level. We will be decluttering your mind, your environment, your body so you can move to a space of feeling free and open to allowing in more of what you desire for your life. 

Stopping The Sabotage – As humans we are wired to keep ourselves safe. Don’t know about you, but I don’t think “safe” is going to cut it when achieving massive goals! Get a deeper understanding of self sabotage in this training and how to smash through it

Staying in Alignment even when real life kicks in.

Leveling the F Up x 3

Final Clearing & Getting Ready To Crush Your Goals Before The Year Is Out

The doors are open for this months intake until this coming Friday 1st November.

The Shine Squad is just £57 per month and it’s there to help you bring the fire, and not only that I am going to be sharing clearing strategies that will help you to get back the money from your investment as part of the clearing process, if not even more. It’s a no brainer. 

Each week I will be coming in with two powerful training and strategy sessions each week, to guide and support you through using and applying these trainings into your own life. And of course holding you accountable and supporting you to making the shizzle happen

Plus there will be a weekly live Q&A coaching session. Ask your questions and get access to live coaching.

And this is just for November

Don’t wait if you are feeling called. Dive in now and get prepared to thrive for the final two months of the year.

CLICK HERE and click onto the join group monthly button for £57 per month. You will be guiding to set up your payment. This is a monthly payment but you are not tied in and can be cancelled at any time.

You will then get access to the private Shine Squad facebook group where you can get ready to finish the year strong as I will be getting you all prepped with the full details of how we will be rolling over the next 60 or so days to go all in and Finish 2019 on an absolute high.

CLICK HERE now I can’t wait to get you going.

Love Always


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