The Shift Is In The Sh*T

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Oct 22

The Shift Is In The Shizzle

This is a concept I heard a long time ago from a past coach of mine.

I get to remember this fact any time I am faced with the BS we all know that real life throws at us.

Last week was another of those times for me. You know the ones when you are making such great progress on your goals and then boom!! Says life, take that!!! And you go two steps back.

See here is the thing, we can work on the mindset, do the internal work and things will still show up to challenge you. But wait…. You may be thinking why even bother then.

I would have you consider that you being challenged is a GOOD thing.

Your challenges are the universe’s way of opening you up to even more new levels. It’s to challenge you to see just how committed you are to having that thing. It also shows that you are growing and evolving.

So when life shows up what often happens when we attempt to deal with said BS, is that we attempt to push the emotions that you may have been feeling back down.

You tell yourself to man up, step up, ignore it, push it away and just attempt to get on with life, yet it keeps on raising it’s ugly head again. These same issues and problems will keep on showing up untill you choose to step up and actually ‘deal’ with them.

And while just pushing your emotions back down can work in the interim. What ultimately happens when you don’t’ face and actually deal with your emotions is that they wind up blowing up all over the place.

Either you snap at your partner, at your kids or heck even at that jerk who just cut you up on the way to work this morning.

Just this last week once of my coaching clients told me how she didn’t want to feel all the things that she was feeling.

`I don’t want to be ………’ insert negative emotion that you have been feeling lately (fear, anger, frustration, hate, hurt, disappointed, left out)

It’s not about never having that emotion. Your emotions are your guide, they are what are sent to you to help you navigate and move through life, so it’s time to stop pushing them down and start allowing them to rise up and be expressed.

As when you keep on pushing them down you can blow up like mentioned above, but also emotions blocked in the body can lead to illnesses and pain within the body as we have been discovering on last month’s book club book, You Can Heal Your life.

Not only that it can lead to sabotaging behaviors with your weight gain. Excess body fat on the body is a form of protection. If you are struggling to lose weight, it’s powerful to ask yourself what is it that your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from??

Last week I was working with a powerful strategy that allowed me to turn my BS and frustration on money and receiving big unexpected bills and turn that into massive action.

Emotions are energy in motion, and this strategy is about shifting the emotion from the depths and instead allowing it to rise up and be expressed in a way that is productive to helping you move forward with your goals instead of leading into your sabotaging behaviours.

Usually my sabotaging behaviours that I revert to are food and procrastination. These are the things I find myself doing any time challenges show up.

Though using the tool of facing and managing emotions I was able to turn that energy into massive action.

I did a training on this subject over with my Shine Squad group so that they too can start to utilise this powerful strategy too.

The doors are now open for the November intake of the Shine Squad and I want YOU to be a part of it.

To come and experience the power of doing the internal work for yourself.

To figure out what’s really going on for you beyond the surface of the ‘life stuff’ that is showing up.

As in November our theme is Life Laundry. We will be focusing on de-junking your life.

Dejunking the mind from negative thoughts and beliefs that crowd your thoughts.

Dejunking the body allowing it to shed it’s protective mechanisms and stubborn fat

Dejunking your physical environment of your house and the spaces around you.

Because when we dejunk we open ourselves up to the capacity to receive more of the things that we DO want. As we then move into December where I will be running the Finish Strong Challenge once again. Where we work on finishing up on the goals that you set out to achieve this year.

I’m so excited for this as always at the end of the year, most people are getting ready ease off, yet all that happens is that you start the new year feeling as though you are on the back foot.

Versus finishing the year strong and as though you are able to start the new year feeling that fire in your soul and knowing that even more monumental changes are coming your way.

Are you ready to feel this fire too?? Are you so damn sick of the BS and ready for something different for your life??

Join NOW I freaking cannot wait to get your started!!


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