The Attitude Of Gratitude

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Oct 15

The attitude of gratitude


It’s something you hear a lot when it comes to cultivating your mindset for more happiness and success.


If you want to open yourself up to creating more awesome in your life then you get to be grateful for all that you already have.


It’s easy for our minds to feel frustrated and in a space of feeling like we don’t have enough when we are working towards our big dreams and goals.


Yet it’s in that simple moment where we can open ourselves up to recognising all that we already have, and not just writing it down, but really feel into the energy of being grateful.


I have a few things I noticed myself feeling in lack of just recently and it can be stressful, I totally get it.


Currently we are working on renovating our house. It’s going to cost a lot of money, everything in france costs 10 x more than it would in the UK and at times I can come to this space of frustration.


We currently have a very leaky roof, we live in a very old building and the whole roof needs replacing, it’s a BIG job, we don’t have the funds to do the work.


Last week we got an unexpected bill. A big one that we didn’t have readily available to cover.


I had to take a trip to the hospital to check out my heart. I had been told I had a murmur on my heart. Anyway, I went to get it checked out only to be told I’m absolutely fine (ya don’t say) and to walk away €100 lighter for my troubles because my French health care still isn’t set up properly (don’t even get me started on the French administration system. They don’t like to rush things is all I will say lol). Living in the UK i don’t ever think I fully appreciated the fact the NHS is a FREE healthcare system. 


I could also get frustrated with the French tax system, but that doesn’t get me anywhere either. Just know that the UK tax system is one of the best I know of, especially when you are a small business owner, be grateful for it.


Anyway, my point is not to moan or to want any sympathy, it’s just to highlight that it’s not all rosey and perfect either in my world. I have a lot of things I can moan and whine about, I have many challenges I am continually working on. I get the struggle, I am not without my own.


Yet I know that focusing my energy on those real life problems will only allow me to see more of what I don’t want.


Instead I choose to use those as my motivation, it’s the BS that I have to deal with that fires me up. My drive to keep on doing the work that I do. Feel into your frustrations but don’t allow them to drown you, use them as your reason why you keep on getting up and showing up each day.


I choose to remind myself of all that I DO have. Wallowing in the struggle does not help you get out of it. To move through the challenges and the ‘real life’ struggles you have to start with shifting the mindset first.


The fact is, these are first world problems. 


In truth I still have sooooo much I can choose to be grateful for. I have a roof over my head, I have food on the table, I have an amazing business that I love and is growing every day, I am fit and healthy, we live in a time where anything is possible and we have the means and the technology to make it so.


I was also reminded just how lucky we really are. At school there are a lot of refugee’s living in the area. I see them pick up their siblings from school and they are wearing flip flops with socks on. At first I thought how strange, then it dawned on me that they are wearing flip flops and socks because they don’t have any other shoes.


They have come from war torn countries with literally nothing!! No money, and only the clothes on their backs. They have watched friends and family members being blown up and killed right in front of their faces. They have experiences real terror and poverty.


I’m not saying that your problems are not significant or real. They are, they all matter and are relative to you and your life. But you don’t solve your problems and struggles while you are stuck in the negative mindset that surrounds them, and gratitude is the first step in helping to pull you out of that,


Shift your energy and attention to all of the things you DO have and can be  grateful for if you want to be able to create more of it.


If you go to your planner each day and look on the Daily Focus Page your will see a space for your gratitude x 5. This is where you pick one thing that you are grateful for and then 5 reasons you are grateful for that thing. It’s not just about recognising a million little insignificant things, but go deeper and create an emotional connection with that thing you are grateful for having in your life.


Cultivate it as part of your powerful morning routine to shift your energy, shift your mindset so you can place your energy and focus on the things you DO want more of in your life moving forward. You move from a place of worry, lack, scarcity. To a new place of knowing you are supported and have so much already and a reminder that you have the power to create more when you come from this space.


I did a full training on morning routine last week over in the free group. You can still go and check it out HERE.


Come back to your daily focus, each day, it becomes a habit and part of your morning magic routine to redirect from stress and overwhelm, get more done with more happiness.


‘It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness” – Unknown


If you are reading this, it means you have access to a computer or a mobile phone, that means you already have sooooooo much you can be grateful for.


Start practicing your daily gratitude x 5 today


Love Always 




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