For Those That Don’t Have The Time

By Emma Colsey | Journaling

Oct 10

For Those That Don’t Have The Time

Have you ever found yourself saying saying ‘there is just not enough time in the day’?


Wahhhh, this has been the story of my life for soooo long.


I was always the type of person that floats through the day, wanting to be a free spirit but in reality just feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and like I was never really on top of things.


I was messy, my time management was messy. I still managed to get things done but it always felt stressful and like I was just about hanging on to life by a thread.


Thing is I have always been really multi passionate too, I want to have a lot of things in my life, I want to do a lot of things, I generally just want to have it all.


It’s when I got to a space of realising that what I was doing was just not working for me, if I wanted to get anywhere close to my big goals I knew things had to change.


That is of course when I started planning my life and using a planner. And of course I took it all a step further and created the Get Your Sh*t Together Life Planner.


You already know I freeking LOVE this tool BUT there are still times when I find myself procrastinating. Like when I started to notice it creep into my week.


Any time we choose to level up at something, your limiters start to show themselves to you.


Lack of time has always been one of my limiters and as I am now doing lots of work to level myself up, I noticed the lack of time excuse (even though it’s complete BS in my life) started to show up again.


There are two main reasons we choose to procrastinate.


The first is down to self worth. If the inner belief is ‘I am not worthy of this’ , then the outer action becomes procrastination. Your subconscious acts to prove to underlying belief that you are not worthy right. We then have the tendency to beat ourselves up about it and say ‘well I’m just lazy’


You are not lazy, you just lack self belief.


The second reason we tend to procrastinate is because we are already overwhelmed and frustrated so we use procrastination as a form of stress relief.


I have soooo much to do, but I know I’ll go and scroll on facebook or instagram because that feels good for a moment or two. Heck, I’ll even go and do some washing (I hate doing washing) if it relieves the stressful feeling of having to do that thing that is causing me stress in the first place.


If you want to have all of the awesome things in your life that you keep on saying that you want, you don’t have the time to waste time.


This came up for me as it’s something I noticed myself doing last week. Updating my website has been stressing me out. Websites are NOT where my magic lies unfortunately, so I was procrastinating on having to deal with it.


So to overcome it, I worked on a mindset shift, and the strategy to work through it. And this is exactly what I am sharing in today’s members training for my Shine Squad group. The next level training I come and share each week to help my members level up their lives, 5 steps to overcoming procrastination.


We all have 24 hours in a day, sure we all have different commitments, BUT when you start to break this time down and get a little more strategic and intentional with your time, it’s incredible what you can start to create.


168 hours in a week – 24 hours a day




56 hours spent sleeping if we estimate 8 hours a night

40 hours working

35 – 5 hours a day commuting, hobbies, cooking, cooking, cleaning, walking the dogs, spending time with kids etc

7 hours a week if you exercise for an hour a day


168-138 = 30


This gives the average person 30 hours of free time the opportunity to use that time for improving your life. Doing the things that you say you want to work on and do. Are you using this tim on yourself or on someone else?


It’s time to elevate yourself and respect and prioritise your own time.


You are never going to miraculously have more time, you have to create that time for yourself.


Put your planner to use and time block your day using the weekly planner this week and see what a difference to makes to what you can get done this week and create more space for the things that light up your life


Love Always




P.S CLICK HERE access your free copy of the time block planner sheet and all the planners and training for the Get Your Sh*t Together life planner

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