Increasing Your Self Belief

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Sep 26

Believe In Yourself Hunny


I started writing this post last week, and I was really struggling to get it completed. The Spartan race fried not only my body but my brain too. I was soooo hyped to finally getting my a$$ over the finish line of the Spartan Ultra in Scotland, Perth. But maaaaaan did it take its toll.


54km, 70 obstacles, 82,000+ steps, 12.42 hours and a LOT of mental chatter to get me through I finally made it over that finish line and have that big awesome ultra medal in my hand. I am only just coming back to feeling normal again some 9 days later.

Massive thank you to everyone that has already sent over your kind messages and well wishes, I have been on such a high and actually at the finish felt pretty emotional about it.


A LOT has gone into this moment. A lot of reminding myself that I CAN do this if I persevere and believe in myself.


The level of self belief that you need won’t always come easy either, especially when other people proceed to give you their opinions and input too. Sometimes those opinions can come from a place of love and support, and other times they can be even more conflicting when they come from people who don’t share your point of view.


It’s why I think it’s essential to know who it is you really are and what you stand for, what your core values and beliefs are. To know and trust yourself to stand in your truth. It’s always a huge component with what I teach and share with my Shine Squad (that’s the new name for my coaching group just in case you were wondering. I have a whole new re-brand coming soon, but more on that another day).


I had a lot of time to think about this topic while out running on my race. Actually 12.42 hours I was mulling over the content of this email, because it took a level of beliefs that I really had to dig out of the depths of me as there were HUGE moments of self doubt.


Just 4 weeks ago I rolled my ankle pretty bad on a trail race. It was still slightly swollen and sore going into the race and I gotta say, I wasn’t feeling all that great going into it. Several people told me that I probably shouldn’t have been racing. And maybe they were right. Running that distance on such rough terrain is not something I would advise anyone else to do either, but I was committed.


Some people telling me I was crazy for attempting it again after failing twice, and that maybe it just wasn’t meant for me.


It would be easy to say, ‘oh well maybe it’s just not meant to be’!!!!!


Like no way. I get to decide what is and what isn’t for me, I get to decide how hard I am willing to push for something that means something to me, and you should too.


I wasn’t doing it for anyone else but myself. I needed to show myself that I would not give up even though I had failed twice before, to prove to myself that I am capable, I can do hard things and I am committing to getting things finished. I wanted to raise my level of normal, pushing my own boundaries of uncomfortable.


You see at the beginning of this year, way back in January, in my Get Your Sh*t Together life planner under ‘The Body’ section. For my end of year targets I wrote the following things


  • Get to 9.5 stone
  • Feeling fabulous strong and lean in my swimwear this summer, confident and proud
  • Completed Spartan Ultra, have that awesome medal in my hand and feel like a complete badass


While I haven’t achieve my goal weight this year (and I get to work on why that hasn’t been achieved) the other two I have achieved. 


This year was the first time in 6+ years that I have ever worn a bikini. And it wasn’t even about looking a certain way, or dropping the weight to feel comfortable. It was more about a mindset shift and accepting myself just as I am, allowing myself to be able to choose to feel strong and confident in my skin just as I am, Mummy tummy and all. It’s been pretty liberating.


Then of course getting that big fat Spartan Ultra medal, even though I failed at the race in July, I went and found another one. A race that included booking flights, hotels and time off from work and stuck to my goal because it was important to me.


So my questions to you today are……..


What was one thing you set out to achieve at the beginning of this year that you haven’t yet managed to achieve?


Are you still committed to having that thing?


Why is it important to you?


What are the blocks that you currently perceive are stopping you?


We are fast approaching the final quarter of 2019, but there is still time for you to go out and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.


If you haven’t already go and get your hard copy of the planner get yours HERE and it will get here in time for setting your quarter 4 goals and intentions next week and get committed to making the final quarter of this year count for you. Or of course you can still access the FREE copy if you havent seen it yet


Pay particular attention to that final question, and ask yourself what has been stopping you? Why has it not yet shown up for you? Comment and let me know what your current block is and maybe I can give you some points to think about to help you move forward from it.


When you write down your goals and intentions, you are increasing your chances of actually following through with this.


A pen and a planner seem so simple, and yet are an incredibly powerful too.


Use them!!!


Love Always



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