How To Break Through Your Blocks & Fears

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Sep 03

How To Override Negative Limiting Beliefs And Fears – Remaining Strong When Life tries To Come And Derail you


So we have created this big dream in step one. Then in step two we have started to craft ideas and little steps on how we pull that big dream in the the little steps of action through our 6 step daily journaling practice.


But what do we do we get that good ole niggle of self doubt that says. Who are you to want that, you are not enough for that, as if, pft!


Or maybe you have been trying to put yourself out there, to go for those goals and it maybe didn’t turn out as you had hoped and were left feeling deflated and like you failed.


Truth is if you want anything worth having in life, it’s going to come hand in hand with failures, setbacks and challenges that look like they are hard to overcome. Have you ever met or heard of any super successful person who made it to success at the first try. No because it doesn’t exist.



Anyone who has ever achieved anything, has done so because they had to overcome adversity. Each failure that means having to get back up and try again.


It’s corny as hell, but you get to remind yourself there are aren’t really any failures in life, only lessons.


So we need to look at our past experiences as lessons so that we can positively use them to influence our belief systems


Everything that you want externally starts from within you and is structured by your belief system. What YOU believe is true in the world and what you believe is possible for you to achieve is exactly what you will experience.


You can have belief systems that support you. I.e ‘I believe that anything’ is possible v’s the negative ones can hold you back and leave you feeling stuck i.e ‘I’ll never be good enough to do that’


Our thoughts and beliefs come from different places. Some from our upbringing, parents, teachers, mentors, society and also our past experiences

  • Put your hands up in class and were embarrassed when got the answer wrong – maybe you decided in that moment that you were not smart enough
  • You watch the news and all hell is breaking loose all over the world, you decided that the world is a scary place and you are just best staying in a place of security rather than going to travel the world


But our beliefs are just thoughts that we have taken on over time and have decided that, that is therefore true.


And our beliefs directly impact the actions that we take, so if we shift our beliefs and thoughts around the fears and failures we can shift our future results


So we have all probably tried to do something to override these limiting beliefs by taking external actions

  • Weight loss, getting a pay rise, making new friends, doing anything that feel remotely uncomfortable.

Often these habits and behaviours don’t stick because of the deeper underlying belief that you don’t really believe that it is possible for you. The result is you end up sabotaging your results because your subconscious will always be working to prove yourself right.


So to be able to breakthrough these beliefs that are keeping you stuck we need to work on rewiring that limiting thought or belief and now choose to believe something different. 


Beliefs are a choice. Mostly decided unconsciously, and so by bringing it into conscious awareness, you can start to rewire and recondition your beliefs


You then get to figure out what gets to be done differently when you come from a place of alignment.


So now we are going to choose to let these thoughts and beliefs go. Right here right now we are choosing to no longer let these beliefs consume you and we are done with them


Now we begin to rewire what you DO want to achieve in your life. Now on a separate piece of paper we start the re-wire process. Pick the goal that you feel has the biggest priority for you right now. The one that over the last few days has been pulling most of your focus.


  1. Get clear on the goals, what is the vision. What are the things that you would love to have in your life right now. If you were to be living your ideal life what would you have. Write it out. Again, all areas
  2. What is currently blocking you/stopping you? Why don’t you already have it in your life? What’s the excuse? Without awareness you cannot change. Again write down some of the biggest ones that came up for you and have been recurring blocks in your life.
  3. Which ones are real v’s which ones are made up. I don’t have a lot of time v’s I don’t have any time
  4. For the real ones we get to identify them but instead of looking at problems, start to become the problem solver that is now just in search of solutions. Flip the script and find the positive in this negative. What does it require you to learn or grow stronger because of. How do I move through this with ease to be able to break down this block. How can I handle this and get to my goal anyway?
  5. Created beliefs – The ones that you have made up in your head
    1. How can you now choose that it will be easy and fun. Gather evidence for this. Find a truth from your past that disproves it.

I have no time. It’s made up, we all have time, it’s how we prioritise and choose to use our time. When I am organised and plan my time effectively using my planner I am able to get shed loads done.

    1. Turn around and write out 3-5 empowering beliefs that you now choose to embody and take action on

I have all the time I need and I choose to prioritise and be effective with my time


This final part is actually where the power of coaching comes in, because it’s not always clear to see for ourselves what can be possible in place of the blocks and barriers. It’s not always easy to identify what the limiting belief is or where it comes from.


So if you are struggling with any of those, then post in the comments if you need some help with those final turn arounds.


Or if you feel you have more to work on in this area I would love you to come and join the 90 day coaching and we can go into this and so much more in a whole load of detail CLICK HERE to find out more.

Love Always


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