Rewrite Your Future | A Journaling Template To Help You Achieve Your Goals

By Emma Colsey | Journaling

Sep 02

Rewrite Your Future


So first off well done to those of you who actually followed through with the first training (go back and catch up HERE if you haven’t already watched that one). You are already making those leaps forward, because you know most people won’t bother to do it. The excuses of not having time, or this is not for me. And that’s ok.


Know that this is an internal game, you are forced to go within yourself and that is a little too scary for some people or maybe a bit too ‘out there’. But believe me, these tools work!! They have worked for me and many of the women that have come to work with me. It has the power to transform your life when you allow yourself to be open to the possibility of that and . And not everyone is, so well done for taking that first step.


So today’s training is all about taking that dream life vision, the vision where you experienced the feelings, sensations and things of when you had ‘made it’  and pulling it into the here and now. If you struggle with making decisions, struggle with procrastinating, struggle with being fed up and feeling like you are going around in circles, you are really going to LOVE this.

If you are more of a visual person you can watch the training below, or read on for the details.

Never, ever underestimate the power of putting pen to paper. And this is what this training is about. It’s about getting out of your head where you are driven by emotions, and start to create a more logical approach to it, kind of creating the puzzle that you have to start figuring out how to solve. It also becomes your own personal form of therapy. I have heard that this is how many of my clients have felt about the journaling process over the years. It’s what has helped me to deal with and overcome so much shit over the years


Rewriting your future is all about a journaling practice. Something I have been been doing for around 4  years now. When I first started I didn’t have any guidelines other than just to go write. But I have moulded many different ways of journaling and have been working with a system that has allowed me to maintain the focus on the things that I desire and want to create more of, and also intensify the energy around expecting it to show up for me. Because what we focus on grows, so to focus in daily on what you desire for your life become incredibly powerful


I love this tool literally soooooooo much because everything we go into when we address our mindset is about asking yourself the quality questions that encourage us to go in search of the answers for. The answers that deep down we already know the answers to if we could only learn to trust ourselves that little bit more.


So as much as anything this is teaching you to look in deeper, to get to know, to trust and believe in yourself.


This truly is where you start to discover just how amazing and powerful you are.


And the best part is that there is really no limit to where you can take this practice. As whatever the problem you are facing you just start to ask yourself questions around that problem and start the solution searching process. It’s something I am now adding into the coaching group as each week I give a new journaling question for you to work with to continually dig down and ensure you are taking the action to keep on rising up, and showing up each day with a feeling of hell yeah as you head into the day, where you feel you follow your gut, follow and lean into that feel good.


There is so much I could share with you on this topic but I really wanted to be able to give you some actionable prompts that can get you started.


I would generally do this practice first thing in the morning as part of my morning routine, along with my meditation or visualisation work.


So for this training I want you to just cast your mind back to the vision that we created on the dream life visualisation, and hopefully you started to write those ideas and visions down. If you did your dream life map and made some bullet points then use that to refer back to to start to pull the visions, feelings and emotions that you experienced during that meditation.  We step into that vision again where we feel good, we feel on point and feel successful really lock that feeling back in where that version of you has completely shifted. 


Here we are working on rewiring the neural connections within the body. Because they are not stimulated by just words, but rather emotions and feelings. Emotional connection with these desires and the energy that sends out and enables you to make it stick. So take a moment to tap into that again.and the first question we get to ask when we reconnect with that state, that energy is:


  1. What is it that I want?? – Write it out, be specific and super clear, no limits, going big and stating what it is that you desire for your life right now. Go for as long as you can, just let it flow. Write it out as if it’s already done – ‘I earn £50,000’ – ‘I am strong and lean, my body feels amazing’ – ‘I live in the most amazing house in the mountains’ – ‘I love going on amazing holidays every year to amazing places’ – ‘I love giving back and helping charities’ – ‘I love helping my clients create amazing transformation in their lives’
  2. Why? Link back to the feelings and emotions of why this is important to you. It’s important to connect with the driving force, and the deeper you go with this it often becomes about so much more than yourself. I often set financial goals, in the past it’s what has really driven me But the deeper I have gone into this work I have come to realise it’s not about the money. I already have enough to be completely happy just as I am. I surrender to the finances and remind myself that the goal is really around helping people. To make a difference to people’s lives.
  3. Become Obsessed – Remind yourself of these every day. Every day you write them down. ALL of them. Writing in the emotion of your desires, because what we focus on Grows.
  4. Act As If – Acting as if you fully trust and have complete faith that this was your reality- If I was already living this reality I would……..(fill in the blank for you. e.g ‘I would be showing up as my most confident self’, ‘I would be reaching out and connecting with people’, ‘I would be challenging myself to…..’, ‘I would be getting excited about……’
  5. Aligned Action -What 3 things could I do today that would help me move towards that goal in a way that feels good? The go and do those things.
  6. Power Mantra – what will be your power mantra for the day. Write it down and say it out loud to yourself when you look in the mirror. Look deep into your own eyes and say it with feeling. ‘I’m an unstoppable badass and I can do anything I put my mind to’, ‘I am enough’, ‘Every day I get better and better’, ‘I have the power to create how my life turns out’, ‘Today I choose peace and flow’

So go an get your journal if you don’t already have one. And just start to do this practice, commit to doing it for the next 30 days and just notice what starts to happen. You have nothing to lose, it could take you literally 15 minutes in your morning, or in fact do it at any time of day that works for you, and you stand to have a whole lot to gain.

I love to know your thoughts and comments so do get in touch and let me know how you get on with this.

The be sure to come back and check out the final part of this challenge.

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Love Always




PS – This is really just the beginning of you being able to tap into your potential and the power of your mindset. To discover many more amazing tools like this, check out the full 90 day coaching work HERE

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