We Decided To Take A Break!

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Aug 14

We Decided To Take A Break!

There comes a time in life when you just sit up and decide that enough is enough.


That fu*ck it moment where something shifts and you decide, that’s it, I’m done, this is no longer working for me and the future me wants something more.


This weekend I came to that decision with my relationship with alcohol. Yeah sorry not sorry for the little bit of click bait there if you were hoping for some juicy gossip on my marriage lol.


This has been a recurring thought that has coming up time and time again for me, and before now I just wasn’t ready to let it go.


I love having a drink, I love having time out with friends, to relax, to have fun. 


I have always told myself that I don’t have a problem with alcohol, I only use it to enhance my life and my experiences so why give it up??


And this hasn’t even come after a big blow out where I was out of my mind drunk either.


In fact on Sunday after my race, I had a few drinks to celebrate, with good food, time with friends and generally a truly lovely evening.


But all day yesterday, though I would not say hungover, I was just a bit tired but could not shift this feeling of frustration and irritability in me.


I have huge monumental goals and I just feel that right now, alcohol is getting in the way of helping me achieve them. It’s getting in the way of my training progress, it’s getting in the way of me developing as a person.


I’m not saying it’s the right decision for everyone and you all should give up alcohol, that is not what this is about. BUT, what I am saying is that we all need to wake up and take note of the signals, tune in and listen more. I just feel like everything within me right now, is leading me to take a break from the booze.


We live in a world where we are all drawn in by the feelings of instant gratification, everything is available to us on a moment if we want it. We want something, we get it and we trade long term success for short term bliss.


We do this with all different things.


For me food and drink are used as a reward. To relax, to have time out, a little well done for myself for working so hard.


I have started questioning what else could be possible if I didn’t feel the need to have the alcohol?


My weekend eating habits would improve, my Monday morning energy levels would never be compromised, my head clarity and brain power would no longer be traded with the mushyness that alcohol creates.


While growing up I have always had low self esteem, confidence and have been quite a shy person, so I would always use alcohol as a confidence booster. You would not find me on the dancefloor without being somewhat drunk.


I have done a hell of a lot of work on my own self confidence I no longer feel the need to use alcohol to boost that, in fact it’s something I want to challenge and prove to myself just how far I have come. Being sober and still feeling like I can be my awesome happy, fun vibrant, most confident self in social situations is an exciting prospect.


I am so committed to my big picture reality that I am no longer prepared to trade it for the short term high, and I am just really curious to see what is possible when I no longer feel the need for a drink.


Sure I have some fears around it that have come up, though I know that they are really just self limiting beliefs that I can change if I so choose to do so.


The main one being worried that people will just think I am boring, or that I think I am boring. That I won’t have as much fun if I am not drinking.


It’s a possibility that I am willing to face, I need to see for myself if it will change things.


So I am away on my holiday next week but after I get back that I will be going for at least 90 days alcohol free. And who knows, maybe even more.


And this is not about me saying to myself I’m not allowed it, I can choose to have it any time I want. But, rather, I am now choosing not to, to be able to create something different for my own life. 


So my question for you today is to consider:


Where are you trading short term gratification for your long term results?


  • Is it with food where you have the chocolate for the short term fix?
  • Is it with your time and you netflix binge to feel like you can zone out and not take action on your bigger goals and dreams?
  • Is it procrastinating as a short term stress relief instead of doing the thing that you know you should be really doing?
  • Is it with people pleasing, doing things for everyone instead of prioritising yourself
  • Is it with buying things you don’t really need to make you look like you have it all rather than investing in yourself or saving your money?


This isn’t about having to sacrifice and give up everything that you love BUT this is about building a strong foundation for your future long term bliss. You know the life it is that you keep on saying you want to create for yourself.


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Love Always



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