Journaling Questions To Inspire Transformation

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Jul 22

Journaling Questions To Inspire Transformation


Start to trust yourself, and everything will change


Truth is, you already have all of the answers within you, the trouble comes that often we get so pulled away and distracted from ourselves that it’s easy to lose sight.


We often get consumed with just going through the motions of life we can often wind up feeling somewhat lost, stressed, or constantly feeling worried or in lack of. 


When I have moments like this I always come back to my daily habits, in particular my morning magic routine. It is the place I can slow down, make sense, gain perspective and ask myself the right questions and also dream into new possibilities.


My morning practices are where I find my peace, my inspiration, my connection, it’s where I find my fire, day after day after day.


My own routine has been cultivated and fine tuned over a number of years now and I am always tweaking and refining it. Because you know no matter where you feel you are, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.


It was during this practice this week that I started to question into something I had posted on my social media.


Asking you to consider what would you do differently if you acted from a place of self acceptance. To be who you really wanted to be, or do what you really want to do without the fear of what other people would think.


As I dug into my own actions around this, I came to realise that there are still things that I have been holding off doing for fear of what others may think. In particular for me around my body/my belly and actually getting it out in public. I won’t rewrite the whole post, but you can check it out HERE as it really seemed to connect with a lot of people.


You see I found this space through deeper self enquiry of where I was still holding back. I also delved into the action steps required to start overcoming and actually taking action on the things that challenge me.


The connection of meditation and visualisation, asking myself deeper questions in my journaling and then putting the action steps into place on my planners daily focus sheets are what help me to create the biggest change in my own life. And that all comes from within me.


You too have that same power to create change in your own life.


To let go of the hang ups and start to ask yourself what exactly it is that you want for your life?


Because it’s available to you too, right in this moment, right here, right now.


You don’t have to wait until you are skinnier, you don’t have to wait until you have more time, more money, more confidence.


In fact this is the one thing I hear so often from people waiting to level up their lives but are waiting for the right moment.


Life is never getting any easier, in fact until you start to take real control for yourself it will likely only challenge you more and more.


If I could give you one piece of advice that could change your life, it would be to start a journaling practice.


It’s like you get to become your own personal life coach. Ask yourself questions, get to know yourself even more, your wants, your needs, your deepest desires along with your pet hates and don’t wants.


I get ALL of my coaching clients to start this practice because it really is a game changer.


All you need to do is go and buy yourself a nice notebook. Something that has nice paper and that you will enjoy writing in just something like THIS . I’m currently using a fab notebook I found in TK Max when I was back in the UK last year.


Then check out this image below for some ideas on journaling questions to help inspire transformation. Save it, share it, pin it but most of all take action on your answers

Or if you want to get down to the real structure and the exact journaling format that I use, you can still get access to the journaling workshop HERE. In fact it has a brand new and updated module that I have recently added. So even if you have purchased the journaling workshop in the past, you can now access the updated training in there too.


You have the power within you to create the change you need, you just need to go within.


I also understand that this is not something that comes naturally to everyone, it didn’t come naturally to me. I have been coached and mentored to be able to ask myself these powerful questions.


So if you too are looking for some deeper support and guidance. Contact me now as I still have availability for one off coaching calls with me up until the end of July. Message me now for full details or if you have more questions.


Love Always



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