The Power Of Simplicity

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Jul 18

The Power Of Simplicity


I have talked on this particular tool quite a lot in the past. But seriously we all do it. We convince ourselves life is so damn hard, yet when we come back to the most simple tools, we get to see their power


But first off there are a lot of new people here on this list (hey if that’s you BTW I’m so happy you are here), but also it’s worth saying again because I feel it’s so easy to get lost in our monkey brains super power ability to overcomplicate the simplistic.


There is nothing more powerful that just coming back to the basics, and reminding yourself that the simple habits are often the ones that hold the most power.


I’m talking in particular, the habit of coming in each week to create some space to reflect and review. Yes EVERY single week. Because when you do that, it really does have the power to change the freeking game.

On the weeks that I skip this step I notice a HUGE difference in my week. I’m unfocused, I procrastinate, I feel completely out of sorts and then get all judgy on myself and can give myself a bit of a hard time for not having my shizzle together. This then usually leads to me feeling stressed, grumpy and usually the husband or the kids get the brunt of it. I hate it when i do that 🙁


Last week as I had previously mentioned I had my big race, which did NOT go to plan and after the weekend I was super wiped out. In fact it took until Thursday until I started to feel normal again.


I had been low on energy as I was in full on recovery mode and as a result my brain just didn’t seem to be functioning quite so well either, plus the fact that I skipped the process of reviewing my week. BIG mistake!


Looking back I can see that my brain, my body, my everything was just craving that bit of time out and that meant just not doing my normal practices. I’m human, it happens


BUT I clearly see it was the product of me feeling like I just couldn’t focus the same, and I didn’t feel the same fire in my week that I normally experience when I have taken the time to properly check in with myself.


As I came around to do this weeks review is where I found I got my spark back.


You see as I identified my wins from the week, I realised I had a good few wins in the bag.


This is where we really see the power of taking the time to open up and recognise what went well. You see I was feeling and bit flat BUT when I stop to look at all the great things that DID happen I was pleasantly surprised.


Your results come more from an energetic feeling, from the story you are telling yourself rather than looking at the facts and the reality. If I had once again skipped this step I could have rolled into another week feeling like I am just spinning wheels and not getting anywhere, this then leads into a feeling, of oh why do I even bother and it’s a self deflating cycle.


Instead I recognise the wins, and it just fires me back up so that I can get excited about having more of those one week when I am feeling energised and back on form.


All too often we look outside of ourselves for motivation and focus, but what you really need to do is go within. All of the answers you are searching for are already within you.


When I work with my coaching guys, I am not there to just give them the answers. I simply coach them to go deeper and figure the answers out for themselves. I want them to create their own level of independence, to be able to have the awareness and ask the right questions so that they can constantly tune into themselves as they search for the solutions. Because that’s where we start to find our freedom and our super powers. 


And it all starts with completing this review each and every week, and you get this resource for free (free version HERE). OR of course for those that have gone and invested into the hard copy (get yours HERE), because I get that printing out the pages each week can get a little tedious, which is why I went and created the hard copy. I know I freeking LOVE mine, it is pride of place on my workstation and my go to each and every morning.


So if you haven’t already, go and do your weekly review at the first possible opportunity.


Look at where you are winning, recognise them, big and small and allow yourself to soak that in. You are doing a great job, your are taking those baby steps that will one day lead to you living your goals.


Recognise what’s not going so well, where are you repeating the same sabotaging patterns and behaviours. Identify the triggers, why did that happen? What was the deep rooted thought or story you have around that?


Then start to become the solutions master. What can you do this week to create a different result in that area? If it’s important to you, what needs to change this week?


Then commit to that by writing out, stating to the universe and yourself what you committed to implementing this week.


Remember small steps turn into BIG results with consistency. Keep it simple, keep it effective and commit to getting it done.


Go for it girl, because it will always be worth it.


Love Always




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