What Are You Avoiding?

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Jul 01

What Are You Avoiding?


Happy Monday, and welcome on into the first of July and also into quarter three of 2019!!


Yup, the second half of 2019 is upon us. So how has it been going for you?


So while it’s always my intention to help you wake up and slay your day, I also like to remind you to come back and really check in with yourself.


I’m all for keeping it real, and that means checking in to see what’s working, what’s not, what’s changed but also really delving into the goals that have been complete non starters.


I talked on last weeks live, about how to effectively check in and get back on track. You can check that video below.


You see when we come to do our reviews there can be two very common scenarios. CLICK HERE to get the downloadable Life Planner if you haven’t already got yours


1# – You have smashed through one or all of your big goals – It feels amazing, you are on a high and feel damn proud of yourself for actually getting there. High five you badass, there is really no better feeling.


Though the result of this can often lead to you feeling the need to chill, to take your foot off the gas and revert to coasting as you are lured into the feeling of being able to get complacent. Then next thing you know, your get to the end of the year and your results have started to slip, or heaven forbid you undo all of your hard work and end up back where you started.


I have done this myself so often in the past and it’s frustrating as hell to end up back at square one.


Don’t fall into this cycle. If you have celebrated some big wins and achievements in the first half of the year, freaking awesome BUT you get to keep on going!! The successes you want to achieve in your life are now starting to really come together so keep on reaching for more greatness.


If you find you are struggling to maintain the effort that had to be put in, then yes, take the time to rest, to adjust, but I know this is just the beginning for you and I want you to keep on rising up beauty.


Of course there is also scenario number two


#2 – Way off hitting any goals – Yep been there too, you feel fed up f*cked off and wonder why you even bother in the first place.


And here, giving up and just throwing the towel in seems like the only sensible option.


Yet that is also the same cycle that will keep you stuck and exactly where you are. When things don’t workout it doesn’t mean that you are a failure, it’s just that that particular strategy didn’t work for you. It’s ALWAYS an opportunity to just ask yourself, ‘ok, now what else is possible for me to overcome this’


To really dig into the things that maybe you keep on putting off, or avoiding getting started with because of your fears, your worries, your total freak out ‘I can’t do’ this moments!


Your success lies in not only the doing. But in being also to see clearly the vision for the things that you want in your life. 


To be able to feel into it with your heart and soul, to trust your own judgements and decisions and start living life on your own terms


There is still a chance yet to make 2019 your best year to date.


So ask yourself today.


If this year was to be truly my best year yet living on this planet, what awesomeness would I love to call into my life in these next 6 months??


Then ask 


‘What’s stopping me from already having this in my life right now? What’s the big ass block that’s currently challenging you?


Go now, do your planning for this next quarter and then journal on these questions. And I would LOVE for you to get interactive with me. Hit reply and let me know what exactly is stopping you from having these things already. I really want to know, to see if I can help you overcome them.


You are a rockstar and you absolutely CAN freeking own your best year in 2019


Love Always




PS – A reminder that I still have some one off coaching calls available.


If you want to dig deeper beyond the surface of your current blocks and barriers and get clear and specific on your dreams and the action steps needed to get you there.


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As I know a lot of you here are quite like me and a little on the introvert side. Gosh, the thought of getting on a call with someone used to freak the bejeezus out of me.


If that’s you, I have a very awesome mini course that I am just putting together. It has a collection of my most in depth and powerful tools to help you realign with your goals daily and really reignite your fire to go all in, despite all of your fears and barriers that you may be struggling with right now.


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