Momentum Killer… Don’t Do It!

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Jun 26

Complacency Kills Momentum

I hope that you have started this and every week with it all being planned out in your planner (CLICK HERE to get your FREE copy if you don’t have it yet), allowing you to feel into a place of calm, control and stoking your fire for a kick ass week!!


Boom!!! Well yes this is how I feel when I know I have a lot of things to fit into my week and I use the planner to help me get that done.


Here in France we have had what seems like a never ending load of bank holidays, I tell you the kids are hardly even at school. And if it wasn’t for the use of my planner I would be swamped in a sea of overwhelm and feeling stressed the F out.


Anyway, the topic of today’s post is about the concept of maintaining momentum.


You see since the beginning of the year my life has been pretty full on. I have had a lot going on, all good stuff, but just lots of it.  I had in my head that I was feeling ready to ease off slightly over the summer.


Here in France the school holidays are 8 sometimes 9 weeks off and so having the kids at home and still being able to work as much as I want to can sometimes be a challenge.


So I was going to have a little break from the coaching group.


But I caught myself on this twice actually. First time when I was checking in with my coaching bunch. I am always just blown away with their progress. Just seeing there shifts in perspective, their ability to deal with hard and challenging times and making such huge shifts across all areas of their lives. 


I found myself thinking, how can I stop being there, supporting, guiding, gently nudging in the right direction. I can’t give up on them now, I don’t want to. I simply love seeing these guys thriving.


I then was also writing up a post for my retreat which happened just last weekend, and actually went back to look on the vlog that I created from last years retreat. In that video (you can see it HERE)  I was talking about how when I got complacent that a few people had to unfortunately cancel their places for one reason or another. I was left running a retreat that would barely cover the cost of running it.  All because I got complacent.


Complacency kills momentum.


We see it all the time.


Maybe you have lost a bit of weight, so you say oh I can afford to ease off with my eating and exercising now. Next thing you know you have gained it all back and some.


Or if you have been working on your mindset and have implemented the tools of planning, journaling and meditation. But then you decide, oh I’m happy now, I have my sh*t together and you stop doing it. Next thing you know you feel lost and stuck once more.


Or maybe your business is flying and you are enjoying the rewards from that, so you stop promoting yourself as much. Then the sales start to die down.


Maybe your relationship is awesome, you are with your soulmate but then you stop putting in the effort with each other. Next thing you know the spark is gone and you just are constantly arguing with eachother. Yep, I have been there and it very nearly cost us our marriage. Relationships like anything take consistent work too.


Truth is, if we want to continue to have all the things that come up for us in our dreams and goals then we have to keep on working on them, it’s a constant process and never a one off fix.


Keep showing up for your health, to drink more water, eat more greens, move your body. Keep showing up for yourself nurturing and improving your mindset. Keep showing up for the people in your life that you love, spending time to make each one of them feel special and loved. To keep showing up in your career or your business knowing that each day you go and give it your all because what you do in the world matters


Consistency is key, no matter what stage you are. There is always the possibility for more awesomeness in your life, you just get to keep on stepping into that next level of awesome.


And i’m not talking about the continuous push and grind that leaves you feeling burnt out. BUT in consistently crafting shaping and tweaking your daily habits and routines so that you continually generate results in your life.


If you want better health, more energy, more success, better relationships you have to work on those continually, commit to never stop growing and learning.


Because growth is actually loads of fun


So the result this lesson for me it that I will keep on showing up for YOU too, all summer long baby.


So if you have been through my coaching work before I would love to invite you back in for a summer of maintaining the momentum that you have achieved so far this year, and maybe even more.


If you come back for the months of July and August you get to come in at the current price before the September intake and stay at that price too.


I am also opening up some extra call times for people wanting to book a one off coaching call. To help you breakthrough where you are right now. And for those booking a call will also get access to the support group for a whole month as an added bonus.


If you want to discuss either of these options then drop me an email over at


I’m excited to reach new heights this summer and want you to feel the same too.


Love Always




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