You Deserve To Fail

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

May 07

Yes you do!


You deserve to fail and lose time and time again.


I deserved to fail over and over again, and in fact I have NEEDED to fail so many times.


Because those failures each taught me something that I have needed to learn to get me to where I am today.


Failures teach you where you went wrong, they show you who people really are, they teach you resilience and make you realise where your strengths and passions really lie.


I think the famous quote from Winston Churchill says it best

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm…….. being able to get up from that failure and just say, ok that didn’t work out,  so what is next, what else is possible? What direction is this now leading me to?


See last week was such an incredible week, one where it felt like the entire universe was starting to align and the wins were coming in, in full force.


It’s these moments when you see your work finally paying off, that makes it all worthwhile.


While I allow myself to feel into a place of gratitude for the wins I received, I get to remember that this is an accumulation of 15 years of working at this.


15 f*cking years of day in day out, keeping my faith in myself and my visions and dreams and doing the work with the passion and enthusiasm I have for helping people create change.


15 years of creating courses, classes, sessions, programs. Sometimes them being full and the energy buzzing, other times having one person there and still remaining committed to give that one person everything I have got. Gaining new clients and friends, being dropped by others and cast aside, and the highs and lows that come with that.


Failures become your super power as they remind you that you are capable of keeping on going no matter what the outcome may be.


So yes last week I celebrated some huge wins, but you know what. Those wins are just the beginning of the next chapter.


The wins last week included celebrating being with my husband for 18 years (yep that shizzle takes work too), finally getting to the next stage of our UK house selling after it falling through 5 freeking times, getting booked for speaking work and being asked for another opportunity the very same day, got offered the deal of a lifetime on the holiday of a lifetime to a place I have always wanted to visit, taking on new clients, and of course finishing the full 7 day cleanse with amazing results (and not just my results)


But the one that I literally jumped out of my chair and fist pumped the air, was the fact that my beloved planner is now finally live on Amazon and available to buy, Woooooo freeking hoooooo!!!!


Something I have been working on and attempting, and failing time and time again, going around in circles with designers and the Amazon technical team for 6 whole months. It’s felt like birthing another baby and has taken almost as long, but man it was worth it.


I have a book on Amazon!!! Little ole me, just a normal, not particularly clever everyday girl from Blackpool who just had a dream.


BUT as I said above, it is really just the beginning. It’s one thing to get a book on Amazon, it’s quite another to actually sell it.


So a HUGE thank you to those that have already been and bought a copy, I cannot even express what that means to me, it is literally EVERYTHING to have your support.


This planner idea was birthed from a level of frustration. I could never find the exact format I was looking for that would fit with the coaching tools and my own mindset work that I wanted. So I went and created my own, obvs!


In fact many of you may have already gone and downloaded the free printable version (if you haven’t then what the hell are you waiting for, you can get yours HERE). But you also talked to me and gave me your feedback, it’s surprising how many people don’t have printers these days, and you guys wanted a hard copy that you could buy.


Well at last, here it is!!!! CLICK HERE


This was designed to help busy women, to stay in alignment with their dreams and goals, and to get more done with less stress in their lives.

It’s a tool I use myself every damn day, I love it and it has real power. It allows me to coach, motivate and keep myself focused on the big vision.

I am a ‘busy’ mum with a business, family and household to run, I also want to fit the adventures activities and the fun that my heart desires and I want that for you and your life too.

This is what my work is about, helping you to have success whilst living the life that you want to lead and it all starts with conscious awareness. Realising your dreams and then carving the way to put those dreams into small actionable steps.

Intention and action will transform your life, you just have to be willing to dare to dream and show up doing the things each day that you said you wanted to get done.

I really hope that you love this tool as much as I do, and that it helps you hit those big dreams and goals like it has done with me.


Here is the link again if you want to purchase your copy.


Love Always




PS – As a thank you I am working on a giveaway with some awesome prizes for those that go and buy a copy. I will be revealing more very soon, but know I love and appreciate you with all my heart.


I have a new website, Yey. head over to the new space now.