Ready To Shed The Winter Weight?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Nutrition

Apr 24
It seems the weather pulled it out of the bag for most of us across this
bank holiday weekend and I hope yours was also filled with fun, family and
good times??
I had the most wonderful time celebrating not only easter but the end of
the winter season here in the mountains.
So yes a wonderful time all around but I have to say, my body is totally
feeling ready to get back to business with my fitness and pulling my
nutrition back in line too.
I really love the change in seasons, always feeling into what each season
brings for us.
Spring is always about new beginnings, time to clear out the old and make
way for new potential, new ideas, new developments and growth. Sprouting
new potentials both physically and mentally.
It’s the perfect time to have a bit of a declutter, I know as now winter is
over I’ll be clearing out the winter gear and getting it packed away for
next year. And of course getting out the summer clothes once again. Whoop
I have this weird need to clear out, clear up everything right now in
my house and my body, and I am darn well riding on that feeling to get
shizzle done.
So if you are feeling motivated right now, ride on that feeling and really
go with it and apply this to your body too. I LOVE doing a nutritional
cleanse at this time of year, it’s  an incredible way to kick start your
health and your weight loss. I know my body is feeling soooooo ready for
it. How about you??

True health, happiness and body confidence doesn’t come from what your body
looks like, more how it ‘feels’, and the purpose of a cleanse it so support
the body in healing itself so that it can feel revitalise and head into the
summer with a new energy. You will improve digestion and use the process to
help manage your blood sugar levels and of course those pesky sugar
cravings, which in turn also helps the body to shed body fat as an added
I just love the feeling on the other side of a cleanse. The feeling of
focus and being back in control of your eating habits and behaviours,
feeling more energised plus being able to get rid of the stubborn fat
stores that have been bugging you for some time.
So if you too are feeling ready to go then come and join us. This is a 7
day protocol. I am just adding in a final few tweaks as I simplify the
process to help you get maximum results.
For just £17 you will get lifetime access to the cleanse protocol but I am
also going to be supporting you guys in  the online group. Yep, we are
going all in together and each day I will be coming in with a live pep talk
to walk you through the entire process as I go in 100% with you guys.
I’m super excited to get going. The cleanse starts next Monday 29th April
but be sure to sign up today as I send over the guidelines so that you can
get prepped to go and do your show as there will be a few things you will
need to go and get.
CLICK HEREto join now.
Love Always

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