# 6 – Little Love Bombs – Becuase Doing This Gives You All The Feels

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Mar 24

#6 – Little Love Bombs 


This is about what you are able to give back to the world, you ability to do your bit in this lifetime and in some way no matter how big or small leave the earth a better place because you were here on it. There has never been anyone just like you and you have your own kinda magic to share with the world and you get to send out little love bombs of your own.


When I talk about giving back it doesn’t have to be some huge monumental gesture, start out with really simple little thing, this is about caring for others and the planet.


I think it’s always been a real driving force behind why I keep on going with my work. I freeking love what I do and yes I want to earn good money from it BUT it’s those moments when people come back to me and tell me that what they have come to learn has literally changed their lives. That is why I do what I do, I want to make a difference to people’s lives and I know that this work matters


It’s one of the reasons I decided on this topic for this challenge that I am running for FREE, I give back through my work and I want for it to be able to reach more people. I simply want to be able to do more of that BUT I also know there is the potential for soooooooo much more.


When I was doing my self review work where we come and asses all of these areas of life and rate how I am doing, contribution of giving back is one that has a definite area for improvement for me and one that I am becoming more and more aware that I wanted to take action on.


So think about your own life. How much are you currently giving back??


How does your work help others? – I know not everyone is as passionate about their work as I am BUT if you can start to see how what you currently do makes an impact on the lives of others it fires you up to want to go and make a difference in your day and know what you do matters. Teachers who give amazing knowledge to children, os many people have amzing memories on that one special teacher who at some time had a big impact on your life. Be that teacher. Social workers who are doing their bit in troubled communities, be that person that helped to really turn things around for one person. Literally the list of jobs goes on, even if you work in retail, be that person that brightens up someones day. Whatever role you are in, go all in on doing your best to make a difference in that space, we ALL can make a difference.


Sending out little love bombs – Could you send out notes or cards of love and appreciation? This is something I am not very good at. If you are a friend of mine I’m sorry for not always sending cards and it is something I want to do more of because I know how much they mean to me when I get them from others.


Just something as simple as giving someone a genuine heartfelt compliment or sharing some encouraging thoughts. I know from speaking to people within my coaching group. Though it’s never about doing any of this work for others, there is no getting away from that fact that it feels freeking awesome when someone throws a compliment your way. Of, ‘oh you are looking amazing’, or ‘wow what an amazing job you have done’. We are all secretly wanting that bit of recognition wether you want to admit it or not, and sometimes it’s not always easy to see it in ourselves, so if you see it in others then freaking well tell them about it, it will probably make their day. We all need a little more love and support in the world so go and sprinkle that shizzle everywhere.


Donations – Are you regularly donating to charity? Whether that is giving away things that could be of great use to someone else who is less fortunate than you. Can you donate time or money? What are the charities that align with your values? If someone you know is taking their time out to do something good, a challenge, a race whatever then go and sponsor that person. I know there are often so many people doing different things but even if you just donated £1, every penny really can make a difference. Maybe you could take up a challenge for yourself


Maybe you could choose to just shop with more socially conscious companies who are also doing their bit to give back to the world.


There are a few things I am personally working on right now so that I can give back even more


First off is actually coming from this next intake of my 90 day coaching. I have been researching a number of different charities that I want to give my support to, and I have narrowed it down to a few that are focused on nature, conservation and education of these subjects. I have decided that for this round I will be donating to The Earthwatch Institute. Then for each person that joins my program on the next round a portion of the course fees will be going directly to the chosen charity. Earthwatch is an international environmental charity.

They create knowledge and inspire action through hands-on projects and activities which tackle the effects of climate change, the declining health of our rivers and oceans and the loss of wildlife and habitats. They also have a big focus on education of the next generation and community projects.

By joining the  90 day online coaching, you will be contributing to supporting this charity, just by choosing to work on yourself. CLICK HERE to find out more about what the 90 day program includes


My next goal with contribution will be implemented on the next intake, which after this one will not be until September. You see I have been thinking a lot about how my life may have been impacted if I had learnt about mindset and all the mindfulness and self-love tools from a younger age? I am grateful for my own journey but I know all that I have now could have been achieved far quicker if I had of had more self belief from a young age. So I am going to be opening a sponsored place on my program for one young person. I will work with them one on one and then with the possible opportunity of becoming a part of my expanding team. I will be sharing more on this later in the year for anyone that works with young people or indeed just has a young person of their own who would love the opportunity to learn these tools too.


Then finally the current big dream is to run a charitable retreat. I freeking love retreats, the impact that sharing my work and ideas around health and wellness for the body and mind and the transformation, the light and the big ass smiles I see  on their faces when people walk away from a retreat is just priceless. And again I wonder what would that be like for a group of women that have come from troubled or underprivileged backgrounds, or those that are recovering from abuse or addiction. How could this work impact their lives, what difference could this make to their world and the people around them? I know this one has a lot of work, research and logistical issues that need to be resolved but it is something I am focused on working towards.


So I wanted to share some of my dreams and goals to giving back in the hope that it may inspire you to start thinking about how you too could make a difference.


Remember it all starts with that one small act of kindness, because you know the world needs more of that. And together we have the power to make those first little ripples in the water that can move out and impact the world.


Be sure to comment and let me know what came up for you in this moule and what is the first little love bomb that you are going to be sending out.


Love always




PS – CLICK HERE to sign up to the 90 day online coaching to work on creating your focused mind and give back to the Earthwatch Institute in the process


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