#2 – Real Richness

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Mar 20

Real Richness



Within the topic of wealth and how it impacts your levels of happiness. Moving away from all of the fake luxury we seen thrown around on social media, (which lets face it leaves us feeling inferior and often like crap) and instead tuning into what are the simple and often free things that feel like pure luxury in your life.


Living a rich life isn’t just about how much money you earn, your mindset around money and to start thinking about how you can create more wealth in your life.


How often do you buy things for the sake of buying things? Or decide that you NEED that thing, because it will absolutely make you happy. The most up to date iphone, the designer shoes believing that happiness is found in ‘stuff’ BUT yet living payday to payday and never having the money to save or to spend on REAL investments. These habits leave you feeling like you are in a constant cycle of lack, scarcity and debt. It actually doesn’t matter how much you earn, unless you shift your mindset around the money that you DO have, it will never seem to be enough.


I am not coming in here as a money expert, I have a long way to go still with getting my own finances in order. I’m not sharing this with you because I am perfect, I worked hard to buy my louboutins and I still love them even though they are not totally redundant now I live in the mountains ha ha, BUT  shifting my mindset around money has created a feeling of more abundance, and that brings with it more peace (and as a result less stress), more freedom, choice. I am clearer on my reasons why I want to create more wealth in my own life because I know it will actually also give me the ability to help more people around me in the process.


I feel that money is often not talked about, it’s almost taboo to ask someone how much they earn,  but I do think having conversations about money is important if you ever want to feel in control about it and also to pick up on some of the stories or limiting beliefs you have around money. We are lead to believe that having lots of money is greedy and rich people are evil and spineless, we see it all the time in movies and on TV where the evil villain is the multi billionaire right? But actually like I said before, having more wealth just means you get to make more of a difference in the world


So let’s get clear on what are some of your beliefs around money and wealth? What are all the things that you have told yourself about money in the past?


That it will make you a bad/greedy person

That you won’t be accepted by friends and family.

Mine has always been around the feeling of not being good enough, worthy enough of earning good money.

I am not good with money, as soon as I have earnt any I will spend it, this has always been my pattern.

The other is that you have to work yourself into the ground to earn good money.

Money doesn’t grow on trees


Because while you have these beliefs around money, they are likely to be thin thing that is blocking you from hitting your next level with your financial goals.


How much do you want to earn? How much would living your good life really cost you? It’s probably a lot less than you think and actually a really achievable amount.


Consider what you do spend your money on. It’s not about being super frugal, but rather just being less wasteful. When we moved out here to the mountains we were living off savings and very little income as we got our businesses reestablished and actually we have lived a pretty wonderful life since we got here. That’s not to say it’s always been easy and part of the reason I remain motivated to continually be striving for improvement, so I encourage you to have a greater awareness around your thoughts and actions around money.


Living your most awesome life doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money either. Think about what real richness means to you, what actually feels like luxury. I’m not talking about only flying business class (though I’m sure that is pretty wonderful) but to me as an entrepreneur who has a pretty full life, something as simple as taking a slower pace at the weekend and having a cup of tea in bed with my feet up feels like absolute bliss.


Decide that NOW is the time to take back control of your finances. This has been really helping me this last year. I have never been a person that saves properly, never really tracked my money even though I have been self employed most of my adult life, I know shock horror. I would always spend what I had and if I wanted something and didn’t have the cash, well then it would go on credit card.


I feel that credit cards are a whole other conversation, but yes I have them, and I have debt which I don’t regret BUT I have now made the conscious decision that I want to be free from.


Now that I have started saving it also feels completely liberating to know that I have money in savings, even if it’s just a really small about to get started with. I have a long way to go to get to my savings targets but it is incredibly empowering to know I am finally taking control. I often wonder where I would be right now if this is something that I had been taught at a much younger age.


To help me with this process I created some tracking tools, there are loads online if you are a spreadsheets type of person but I like to have things written down in hard copy so I have added it to my planner. You can get access to these in the planner upgrade options HERE.


You see working to increase my earnings, see my savings go up and my debts come down becomes a game, it becomes a fun challenge that I can get excited about rather than feeling stressed about the fact that there is never quite enough.


It also reminds me that if I ever catch myself saying oh that’s expensive, or ‘I can’t afford it. Instead I get to ask ‘how can I afford it?’ what get’s to happen, what can i do, create or sell more of to be able to afford that.


This whole process applies to everything we want in life and training your mind to shift away from the excuses and obstacles and always be in search of the solutions. Asking how can I make this possible?


What do I now get to do to create this for myself.


Recap/journaling Questions


  • What does being rich in all areas of your life mean to you?
  • Do I feel in control of my money, or does it affect my mood and stress levels on a regular basis?
  • Get clear on what are some of your beliefs around money and wealth? What are all the things that you have told yourself about money in the past?
  • How much would it actually cost to live. To cover your monthly bills, to be able to save regularly and to have money to spend on enjoying life?
  • Does this feel achievable?
  • What are you going to believe in the future about money?

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