Get Into The Habit Of Happy

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Mar 11

Get Into The Habit Of Happy

I have just had the most beautiful weekend for my birthday and thank you so much to everyone that wished me a happy birthday.


I got to spend it chilling out at a spa with my friend and my Mum who is over visiting. As someone who can be on the go a lot, indulging in time out and relaxation feels like such a treat and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Spas are definitely one of my many happy places, having a massage, sitting chilling, being pummeled by the jets in the pools, eating healthy food (followed with cake and wine of course) and spending time with people that I love are what fills up my happy bucket. It’s kinda why I love creating retreats so much too. Retreats are like the feeling of a spa day on steroids


How often do you indulge in the things that really bring happiness into your life?


I talk about happiness a lot, it’s a large part of my mission and purpose in life to help people find more of it. I fully believe you deserve and indeed you were put on this earth to lead a happy and fulfilling life


Happiness is so individual and yet there is science out there to show that there are certain elements and habits that are relevant to people who are happiest. These elements are what I am constantly working on and include within my coaching work.


I believe that Happiness is a choice, yet I there are many who struggle to see it as that.


Sure we all have our down days, and many people have more than down days, sure as hell down right rough and challenging things to face, but I also believe that happiness is something that we can all achieve through changes in perceptions and conditioned behaviours. Life can be tough, but I know that you are tougher, and you deserve to be happy.


Your happy can achieved when you decide that is what you are committed to creating for yourself.


Within my work, I work on 7 core elements of happiness. I want to take the time to go into each one and so I want to actually turn this into a little challenge that I hope you will come and join me on?


I will be delving deeper into the cornerstones that I believe are essential for living an amazing and happy life. That’s all we really want right?? To be happy? Seems so simple, yet we often make it so darn complicated.


So starting on the 18th March I will be coming in each day for 7 days with tips, trainings and tools for my 7 day Habit Of Happy Challenge. Each day I will be coming in live on my Facebook page at  covering one of the 7 ingredients to increasing your levels of happiness.


The 7 ingredients to your happiest most awesome life are:


Habit Of Happy Challenge


1 – Boss Your Body – Here we go into what it truly means to have a healthy body that works to serve and give you all the energy you need to live your most amazing life. We only get one body in this lifetime and I want you help you feel more in tune and be able to support your amazing body with more ease and finally feeling in control and comes from a place of love. Afterall you cannot hate yourself skinny, it simply doesn’t work.


2 – Real Richness – What truly feels luxurious and like a treat to you, reading a book in the sunshine, spending your money on the things that bring you real joy, being more conscious of your spending and taking control of your money and your mindset around money. We know the saying that money doesn’t create happiness, but the truth is it does create freedom and choice. This isn’t about being able to buy yourself more things to make you happy, but looking into what real richness can mean in your life and not just the fake luxury we see get flaunted about on social media.


3 – Reset Your Mindset – Literally everything starts in the mind from your thoughts, choices and reactions. Here we delve into your ability to be optimistic, have an open perspective, be conscious and awakened to your choices/behaviours and how you choose to see the world. Because once you can start to see it and believe it in your mind then it becomes a possibility for your reality.


4 – Rocking Relationships – The people you love matter and this is not just significant others, I’m talking powerful relationship with yourself, with your partner, with your kids, with your family with your best friends. The ability to connect and truly nurture the people in your life that are special to you. Some may want popularity and to know lots of people, what I believe is actually far more important is friends and relationships with depth, meaning and true mutual connection.


5 – Finding Flow – Here we tap into real you, delving into purpose, passion, meaning and connection to yourself and the things that are greater than you. Know and play on your strengths, finding the balance between what you are good at, what you know, what you love doing bringing meaning and fulfilment to your life. Sounds a bit deep and heavy but it’s quite the opposite. Because when you find your flow that is when the real fun happens.


6 – Acts Of Love – This is about what you are able to give back to the world, you ability to do your bit in this lifetime and in some way no matter how big or small leave the earth a better place because you were here on it. There has never been anyone just like you and you have your own kinda magic to share with the world and you get to send out little love bombs of your own.


7 – Accessing Adventure – Here we look at your ability to push your boundaries, explore, grow, expand, open yourself to allowing more fun to flow into your life. Getting committed to actually going to do all the things you dream of, a life with no regrets is a life well lived.


So yeah there is a lot in there and I will be sharing my best action steps and tools, there will also be a worksheet you can use alongside, write down your notes and thoughts that come up for you.  I am not going to BS you into thinking that this will all be solved in just 7 days but I do aim to inspire you to take the next steps to working on creating the balance of these areas in your own life.


I am so damn passionate about this work and these tools, but I also know it’s not for everyone because it won’t always be easy, but it will damn well always be worth it.


I just hope that you will come in with an open mind and get excited about trying out some of these tools.


If you are going to join in I would love you to CLICK HERE you get an email with all of the training times (with recordings available) and access to the worksheet to go along side it.


I’m super excited and can’t wait to see you there.




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