Supercharge Your New Year Goals – Do This…..

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Jan 03

So yes I am a little goal setting obsessed, but there is good reason for that.


Setting goals and getting clear on what you want your life to look like is fun, it’s exciting to dream about what could be possible, but it’s also the very first step in being able to actually start to generate pace, momentum and personal growth. It’s the first step in getting you to where you want to be.


Everything every created started with just a dream or an idea


And you know me by now, I’m not just talking fitness and body goals here. Your best life is going to ask to you look into all areas of your life.


Losing weight does not automatically make you happier. That’s often why so many people are able to lose weight, but then put it straight back on again.


One because they don’t do it in a way that’s sustainable.


Two, because they realise that being a different body weight or shape alone does actually very little for your levels of self confidence or even how much you like yourself. This was a big ah ha moment for one of recent coaching clients she said


“When I have lost weight in the past, i still didn’t feel confident. The program has been amazing I have lost 1st 6 lb but I also now feel much more body confident”


This came from taking care of the body but also working deeper on her ability to love and care for herself and start to look at things from a different perspective. To workout because you enjoy the way it makes you feel, not because you want to punish yourself for eating bad food. You have tried that before right?? Yep me too, and that didn’t make me happy either.


When you start to approach weight loss as a more holistic and 4 phased approach.


Because your goals are always interrelated. Think about it this way, if you are happy content at work, feeling less stressed and more in control. You feel content because you have set your goals and are clearer about where your future is heading, it becomes so much easier to keep on track with your eating habits rather than diving into a bottle of wine and a box of donuts at the end of the week.


The body, your self, your career and your relationships will all feed off each other and which is why I encourage you to create dreams and goals in each of these four areas to experience real growth but also the ability to feel truly happy in life.


When I ask people what their dreams and goals are, quite often they don’t really have any idea.


How do you expect to get anything different than what you have right now, if you  don’t DO anything differently and you don’t even really know what it is that you want?


So I created this process of goal setting to allow you to start to delve into and create a vision for what you DO want your life to look like.


Some people like to do vision boards and that’s great if you the arty crafty type, but for me I like to create the vision in my mind and then write it down in words on my dream life map, you can print off your copy HERE.


I invite you to sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and just ask yourself. If time, money, resources were no barrier what would your best life look like.


How would your day start?


What work would you be doing?


What would you day be filled up with?


Who would you be spending time with?


Where would you live?


How would you feel in your body?


Literally walk through all areas and feel the feelings that you want to feel, what would be the expression on your face, what sounds and smells do you notice. Literally imagine into every single sense and every little detail.


Then when you have created this vision in your mind get out your pen and put this down onto paper, onto your dream life map. Write words, draw diagrams, pictures, whatever you feel called to put down there.


Just notice when your mind flits to thoughts of oh, I can’t have ………. Because of ………. Just notice it and continue to write those things down anyway. It’s ok to want what you want, no judgement, no holds barred, this is your time to dream and just allow things to flow.


I take my coaching groups through this process and have actually created a meditation to help walk them through it. I revisit this mendation myself any time I am in need of giving myself a little boost or inspiration.


You see your dream vision is what will become your internal motivator, and you can re-visit this work any time you are feeling in a funk, blocked or unmotivated. It’s one sure fire way to reignite your energy and your focus to come back to the vision of what you want, so don’t just limit this to the new year. You can and should do this practice over and over again every single month, every day if you want to because let’s face it we don’t really need it to be the new year for us to start a fresh. Every single day is an opportunity for you to start a fresh.


I know not everyone will do this, it’s the same reason many people stay where they are year after year and nothing ever really changing.


I don’t want that for you.


I know how awesome it feels to live a life on purpose, a life in focus, a life that is happy and fulfilling and that is what I want for you too.


I hope that you will create some space today to do this work.


And for those of you who are really serious about putting your dreams into action, there is still chance to come and join my group coaching program as we get started this coming Monday.


Your best life is ready and waiting, you just have the courage to go after it.


You can apply for a place HERE and get ready to level up your life




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