My Year In Review

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Dec 31

My Year In Review

I normally love this time of year.


Still in limbo land where you don’t even know what day of the week it is, but it’s the time when I get the opportunity to sit back and reflect, but also get my dream state flowing again and start to imagine what’s possible for the year ahead.


Iv always been a dreamer and have always dreamt big, possibly a bit too big, but you know what, if you dream big and only even get ½ way there you will still be getting ahead of where you were.


This year is a little different though and I got to admit I’ve been struggling with the last few days. Struggling to create the space, time and enthusiasm to get this end of year work done.


I’m feeling a little out of rhythm with the house move, I don’t have my usual office space where I can step away and come back to me. See alone time is SUPER important to me and probably of much benefit to the rest of my family too lol


I’m currently full of a cold isn’t helping either, boo hoo poor me ha ha!


In fact I haven’t been sleeping well either, which is not like me at all. I’m currently writing this in my bed at 4am because I was awoken by a child and a dog and now I can’t get back to sleep. Ergh!


So yeah that’s pretty annoying, but this is actually all just wonderful feedback. See it’s just a reminder of how essential my normal routines are to my sleep, energy, productivity, positivity, creativity and well basically all the things that help me to feel like I am kicking ass at life.


My daily habits just help me to be more badass. Badassery has become my normal state and I quite like to be back there.


And at this time, when I am feeling in a bit of a funk doing my end of year review is the perfect tool to bring me back to me.


In fact I paused to haul myself out of bed as I wasn’t sleeping anyway and have just finished off my end of year review. Woahhhhhh, just what a difference actually taking the time to do this work makes. You can get your copy of the end of year review work HERE!!


It’s such a powerful tool to help you reconnect but also gain clarity with where you want to go over the next year and beyond.


So I wanted to share some of my own personal highlights and lessons from the year. And this is not to brag (though I do feel pretty proud of myself and that is the point) but rather to inspire you to use these tools for yourself to help create your best life. The process it pretty simple BUT you do have to actually pick up a pen and do this work.


So here is what came up on mine


The Highlights


Buying a house in France –  renovating phase one and getting in before the end of the year. I’m incredibly proud of us for this one as it’s been one hell of a challenge in many ways, but we are now soooo much closer to our very own dream house in the mountains.


New Friends – having amazing adventures with new friends and old and thoroughly enjoying living in this amazing place.


Amazing clients – I cannot even express in words how blessed I feel to have the honour of working with THE most amazing people. Whether it’s my online coaching clients, PT clients, fitcamp members or the guys who have come away on retreat with me this year. (And I should also add that getting my French business set up and all my qualifications registered was no easy process so this in itself was a HUGE win with the help and support from one of my wonderful PT client)


The people who I have worked with this year just fuel my heart and soul with the passion that I put into all of these projects and seeing the physical and emotional transformations is a constant reminder of why I do what I do. From the fitcamp member who has gone on to shed 4 stone, coaching clients who have changed the outlook from being in a place of depression to coming back to being excited about life. The retreat members who walk away with a new love for the mountains and ideas for new healthy living and mindsets. Every single one of you who have taken the chance to invest in yourselves and your self development and have put your trust in me to be your guide I honestly thank and love every single one of you from the bottom of my heart.


Hitting My Best Month Ever – This year I have gone from earning practically nothing as our attention and focus had been mainly on the chalet business to coming back to my own coaching and fitness work hitting my slightly ambitious money goal and getting a best month ever. It feels very awkward to talk about money and by no means do I want to brag, nor does it mean that I am loaded ha ha BUT i DO get to recognise this because this has been achieved by continuous work on my mindset around money. In fact this has been so powerful for me, it’s January’s focus for the graduate members of the coaching group. Money does not mean happiness BUT it does give freedom and a powerful resource for doing more good in the world.


Lessons Learnt


Knowing when to give up on something – Both my husband and I are very spontaneous and I am constantly coming up with new ideas and visions, and knowing not everything will always work out. Knowing when it’s time to let go of those things despite the time and money put into them if they do not light up your soul.


Knowing when to persevere – On the opposite end of giving up on things, knowing when to practice patience and to keep on going with something if it is in line with your passion and purpose. Knowing and trusting yourself and constantly tuning into your own intuition no matter what others around you are saying.


Being more organised – I have come a hell of a long way with the use of my planner, yet I also know I still have some way to go if I want to continue to pull off all of my ideas and make them the best they can possibly be.


Mindset Is Everything – Literally all of the things that you want for your life CAN be achieve when you cultivate and nurture the right mindset for it and get support, guidance and accountability.


Meditation has become more powerful than I could have ever imagined – This one has be been simmering away for some time. It’s taken me quite a while to get into a consistent practice (and I still don’t do them all the time) but this year I have done some incredible meditations and had ah ha moments that have brought about a new sense of consciousness, a feeling of knowing and also a little bit of magic. For example my best month of the year came after doing some powerful meditations and breath work. Coincidence you may say, well….. maybe? But it’s worth exploring further and I’m pretty excited about the results so far and sharing this within my coaching work later this year. Plus I love believing in a little bit of magic and woo woo.


What’s for 2019


Well to be honest, more of the same.


My mindset work is constantly evolving and I want to continue to deliver this allowing my own development to keep on expanding and in turn helping the people I work with get better and better results too.


So I have set some goals around this and I want to help more people than ever before this year to level in confidence, in health, in wealth, in happiness, in connection and love.


I will soon be releasing the new version of the planner (it has taken slightly longer than I hoped becuase of lack of planning and a few technical issues)


I will be writing a book.


I am excited to be going on more training events this year too, as courses and workshops have taken a bit of a back seat since we moved to France. I have one booked in, and another with my eye on, both of which are going to really change the game for me and my clients.


This past year travel has also taken a back seat as all of our focus has been on the house, plus the fact I actually just really love exploring the amazing place where we live, BUT…… I am excited to plug in a couple of new adventures this year with my boys and then also some cheeky Spartan race excursions, plus some other exciting adventures that I will share with you soon.


Again Spartan races was something that I had to pull back on, both financially and because of previous injury so I am super hyped for the first Spartan adventure which is just 10 days away (and I am probably not fit enough for) as I head over to Austria for a few days with my best pal and do a Winter Super race followed by a few days snowboarding. Snowboarding and spartan races, how does it get any better than that, ha ha!


Setting about phase 2, and the BIG phase on the next part of the renovation of the new house. We have set the goal of getting that completed within 2 years, so watch this space as there will be more fun challenges ahead I’m sure.


I am now beyond fired up for the year ahead and literally can’t wait to get cracking.


I would love for you to go and do this work too. The  come back to me and share some of your own big dreams and goals for the year ahead. Seriously I want to know.


And of course, if you are ready to get serious about these goals and want some support in getting you there. Then I would love for you to come and join us on january’s 90 Day Focused Mind, Fierce Body coaching group.


Where we will be getting super clear on your goals, creating a plan and then shifting your mindset to work through blocks and create the more of the amazing things that you want to be living and feeling in 2019.


CLICK HERE for full details and price options.


I can’t wait to get you started.


I hope you all have a wonderful New Year celebration, though I think I will likely sleep through it. I can’t want to continue to support and inspire you into your best life in 2019


Love Always


Emma xx


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