How To Stay Productive In The Run Up To Christmas

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Nov 29

How To Stay Productive In The Run Up To Christmas

So my friends were over the other weekend and we hit the Christmas markets over in Switzerland and it was just the most perfect weekend.


Relaxed drinks, mulled wine, silliness, laughing and just having real connection to people who will always be an important part of my life.


Going to the markets really signifies the start of Christmas, though it does seem to start earlier and earlier each year, which is just fine with me as I LOVE Christmas.


But as Christmas approaches it’s all so easy to down tools and indeed down your intentions as everything tends to go out of the window as you promise yourself you will start again in the New Year.


If you are anything like me this can be a slippery slope, especially with my body goals as it can set me right back to where I was at the  beginning of the year if I’m not careful. I gain weight really easily and so this year it’s felt right for me to keep in focus with that area of my life.


Of course this week we have started the Finish Strong Challenge which I am just simply loving.


I talked about this, the other morning on a coaching call and it’s a great way to think about it.


Have you ever been in a race or doing a run and all of a sudden you find this intense spurt of energy, where you really give things one last push to get over the finish line?


And how good does it feel crossing that finish line knowing you gave it your everything?


Feels pretty darn exhilarating right??


BUT as Christmas is now fast approaching maybe that all seems like a little too much effort and all you want to do is wind down?


So what if you could maintain your productivity but take away some of the stress and pressure?


I know that’s what I want.


I want to start the New Year on a high BUT I also want to chill out and relax with friends.


So today I wanted to share my top tips for being able to feel accomplished yet also be able to enjoy the festivities ahead.


#1 – Prioritise – Look at what is really important to you right now at this phase of the year and focus in on that thing. So as I mentioned for me that is my health and fitness, I want to feel good as I head into the New Year. And when I am focused in on my body, then the other areas have a funny way of coming together so I don’t have to stress so much about them. I also want to enjoy this time. My husband has been working away most of the year and it’s time for us to be together in our new little pad and to have some time together and being present with my family is important.


Having clarity on your own priorities will make it easier for you to take action on them. So ask yourself how do you want to feel when New Year comes around and what is at the top of your priority list right now?


#2 – Create a plan – Take action on those few priority items. Use the planner to plan them out, allocate them a time slot and commit to getting them done. And don’t make your massive lists. Keep your priority items at the top, get them done first where you can and then you can have your free time to do the other things that you love too.


On a side note, if you have been watching my stories you may have seen that I am working on updating the planner downloads. You guys here will get access to the brand new updates, with a cleaner look and more user friendly.


AND because I have been listening to your feedback, so many of you wanted to have a pre-printed hard copy planner well of course I oblige. This is also going to be happening. I am VERY excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you very soon. So if you were planning on buying a 2019 planner to get more focused on your goals, hold fire, it’s coming, and with some amazing bonuses to go with it.


So for now keep using the printable planner from HERE and the updated version will be with you very soon.


#3 – Delagate – See where you can offload things that someone else could do for you. I was head on into creating and working on updating the planner, and I found myself spending a LOT of time on it, and also getting frustrated with my lack of high quality design skills. So I decided to get a designer in to do the job for me.


At times where there is a lot going on, stick to your strengths and get help for the other things.And don’t say yes to the things you really want

to say NO to. Honour and value you own time.


Three pretty simple tools to help you stay in line with how you want to feel when we kick off into the New Year


So go and set realistic expectations for the next month, but also be kind to yourself. Know that you are taking actions and allow yourself to feel good about that.


Remind yourself of how you DO want to feel and work on managing your energy and your time to stay in your flow with that intention. #ecnfinishstrong


Love Always




I have a new website, Yey. head over to the new space now.