Finish Strong Challenge With Prize Giveaway! Check This Out

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 19

Wish You Were Here, Well You Could Be

I am just getting pretty excited by the wonderful group of women who are now starting to assemble in the Finish Strong Challenge, and I really want YOU to be there too.


I got so inspired from the emails I have had from you guys taking action on last Sundays workshop, yet I know so many people still fail on actually achieving their goals.


Do you still have things that you would like to see come to life before the year is out?


I know most people are already starting to slow down at this time of year, but you weren’t put here to be like most people.


I want you to join me in getting lazer focused on that one things you really said you wanted to get done this year.


Some are coming in for weight loss, some are coming in to work on their mindset, some are coming for the accountability and support. Whatever you feel it is that you need right now to keep you on track to finish the year with a little FIYAAAAAA!!


There are many reasons why people don’t hit their goals. From setting them too high, to not being prepared or creating an effective action plan, to being unclear to lacking support.


Because there will be times when the going get’s tough, and your support system is what will help to see you through to the end.


You can achieve the things that you want, you don’t need permission from anyone. You just need to decide and remain committed to that decision, and I want to help you do that.


You see having accountability and high level support  is an INCREDIBLY powerful tool, but I am adding something even more amazing into the mix to keep you even more fired up to take the action and get real results.


How would you like to be in with the chance of not only nailing your goal over the next 30 days, but in doing so to also be in with the chance of winning a FREE place on next years Rebalance Retreat here with me in the French Alps??


Yup, I know, exciting right!!!


Nailing a result that has been  eluding you AND be in with the chance of winning something pretty awesome.


As it’s a challenge there will be a number of ways that you can earn points during the challenge and the participant with the most points at the end of the challenge will win a place on retreat.


Rebalanced Retreat is 20th-23rd June 2019


All you will need to pay for is your own flights and transfers. The cost of the retreat and your prize is worth £497.


Are ya excited yet!!!


I know I am. I am excited to see you guys really thriving and going all in with your energy and really creating something amazing over the next 30 days.


And the best thing of all that the Finish Strong Challenge is ONLY £47


The challenge starts next Thursday 22nd November and we run up to just before Christmas and I will be announcing the winner on Christmas Day. What a prezzie that would be right??


So are you in or what?? If you have been sitting on the fence before, then NOW is the time to take the action. CLICK HERE and secure your place in the challenge, and I will see you on the other side.


Love Always




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