Do You Want To Finish The Year Strong?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Nov 06

So I return from my holiday last week feeling anything but refreshed.


Staying in a caravan on what was the most uncomfortable bed imaginable, really makes me realise how much I bloody love my bed and how much I love my sleep.


It is never going to make it onto my list of all time favourite holidays (though it was awesome to spend time with my family), it was can only be described as wet, very wet. Though having space away from my normal routine always gives me the capacity to come back with the feeling of having more to give.


I know many people return with holiday blues, but for me I always return with fire in my belly and that comes from a place of being in love with my life. I love my work, I get fired up and excited by it, so anything but holiday blues.


We are now just 5 weeks away from having to be in our new house (which is still a building site at present) and so the pressure is really on.


I’m working to turn this energy into a positive one. Yes I have got a lot on my plate but I’m using that to go all in and really push myself to finish the year strong.


Being able to do it all comes from having system in place and utilising my planner each and every day to be as organised as possible.


It’s something that I have come to truly believe in. That you are either pushing yourself and growing forward. Or you are staying where you are, and in effect dying.


I know not everyone is like us. Some people are happy ‘just being’, or at least that is what they believe. But notice it’s these same people that are also  happy to sit, moan and whine about their weight yet keep on bodying crap like Boombod and hope it will be the magic fix, moaning about their lack of money yet spend it on crap that don’t need to impress people they don’t even like. Moan about being bored, having nothing to do or look forward to. Yep I’m sure we all know those type of people who are so called happy just as they are.


But you are here because you are not like most people. Because if you allowed yourself to do that, well then life would just feel pretty meh! Right?


Growth makes life exciting, it makes it challenging, yes it can be scary as hell sometimes. But wahooooo what a ride. Becoming the best version of yourself doesn’t happen by accident though, it only happens with intention.


Like right now. We have a 5 week deadline, and probably not enough money to finish all the work we need to on our renovation


We can either sit, worry, freakout OR gear up and strap in for the ride and MAKE it happen, no matter what!! Yeah that shizzle is scary as hell, yet I am still committing to growing and investing in myself despite of all of this. Invest my time and my money because I know it is bringing about amazing things.


So my question to you today is what are you doing right now to grow and expand your own life?


Where are you investing your time in learning new tools to improve your health, your life, your happiness?


Because investing in yourself will last a lot longer that a designer handbag, and it sure as hell will make you a lot happier in the long run too. I have spent a LOT on my own self development, more than I care to admit to my husband lol, but it has absolutely been the best money I have ever spent. It has allowed me to have the balls and the fire to create a life that I absolutely love living.


Already so many people will be waiting until the New Year to kick start a new intention. Do you know the best time to start was probably a few years ago….BUT the next best time is to start right now!!!


Yes now, no excuses, no waiting, no putting it off. You are enough, you CAN do this. Just get started. Let’s do this together!


I’m pretty hyped to help you with this, so this Sunday I’m hosting a FREE live pep talk/strategy session to help you make the most of the final part of the year as we join together to Finish 2018 Strong.


In this session I will be sharing some of my favourite tools and methods to help you organise and prioritise what really matters to you. Then we will be doing some live coaching to help you create the action steps so that you feel empowered to actually follow through.


All I am asking of you, is,  if you are anything like me and want to live a life that is anything but ordinary, is to invest some of your time (around an hour’ish) on your Sunday evening to get intentional about the end of the year and start your 2019 feeling better than ever before.


Are you in??


CLICK HERE to join the free Facebook group. I will send you a little reminder later in the week also, but I will be going in live at 8pm GMT


I’m excited to have you there.




I have a new website, Yey. head over to the new space now.