What The FUN’k

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Sep 12

Do you ever get the feeling that life suddenly got a bit too serious?


Being an adult can suck at times, we have grown up world stuff that we have to deal with BUT I am a big believer in making a conscious effort to put the fun back in to all that we do.


If you have been here for any amount of time, you will know I am a fan of asking yourself the right questions, to really figure your way out of the things that leave you stuck or just down right unhappy.


I often ask myself, how can I make this fun and easy?


It was a question one of my old mentors often used and it’s really stuck with me. I aim to use it anytime I feel my energy levels (meaning the times i feel low, frustrated or whatever negative feeling) take a dip.


And this brings me to another of one of my favourite quotes.


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.- George Bernard Shaw


Think about the times when you are playing, laughing and having fun. Time seems to flow with so much ease, you are present, engaged with the task at hand you feel focused, you feel young and just filled with so much life and energy is endless.


If we look at it from a perspective of the law of attraction, we get out of life exactly what we put into it. If your energy is low you tend to feel blocked and stuck. So what if you chose to put the fun back in, how could it change things for you?


Adding in the fun is about being more aware of the things that make you feel happy, the things that make you smile, laugh, the things that you love, the things that make you feel pure joy in your heart.


So yes today is a Monday, maybe you have to go to work, a place where there is not traditionally a lot of fun packed into for you. How could you turn that around?


Could you go into work with the intention of shifting the mood in the workplace? Could you go in with your own secret mission of making someone laugh today? If you have targets to hit, could you gamify that with yourself and set yourself mini challenges to hit those targets?


When it comes to fitness, I know not everyone loves exercise as much as me, so how could you add more fun into your workouts. It’s always a goal of mine to make workouts fun yet effective. I was doing a PT session with one of my clients on Friday and I got her on the kids climbing wall at the park. It was amazing how focused we became, looking for the next hand hold and while the arms were burning from holding on, playing the floor is lava puts the fun back into powering through burny forearms. Could you turn you fitness into a game? Could you join or take part in a team sport? Ask yourself what would make fitness more fun for you? Is it the music? Is it having a challenge to work towards?


Again that is another big one for me, having a challenge to work towards. I have just booked my next Spartan race and I’m already feeling incredibly excited about it, it’s making me want to work harder with my fitness training.


How could you add more play with your kids, yes even for those of you with big kids? Gamifying even the simplest of tasks, turn them into a challenge, how can getting ready for school in the morning become more fun?


What feels fun for you?


I like to think of it as, what are the things that make your heart smile?


So I challenge you today to go and get your journal out and write them down. All of the things that make your heart smile.


They can be big things like going on adventures, travel, snowboarding or small things like walking outside and being in nature, dancing, singing, nights out with friends, playing an instrument whatever it is that you have always loved doing, or have always wanted to do.


Then ask, how can I create more of this in my day, in my week, make plans to include some of the bigger things in the future. Clarify it with yourself and the universe that this is what you want more of in your life.


Then take the ations to go create it. It would make my heart smile for you to hit reply and let me know how you are going to add some fun into your week this week. Seriously, have a think about it and let me know what you will be adding, I want to know.


Have a great one, because remember, your life was meant to be fun and filled with more of the things that you love, so go out and create it.




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Snow and yoga retreat ladies rocking it down by the frozen Lac Montriond

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