How Shannon Achieved Her Lowest Weight & Her Higest Paycheck

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Aug 08

Ever wonder what it really takes to be living your dream life?


It’s something that always intrigued me as I would take myself as a naturally motivated and driven person (and i’m guessing you are too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here on this blog post wanting to learn tips on how to improve your life). So what is it that makes it seem easier for some people than others?


While there are a few different elements, I truly believe that there are 2 core components, that when you can tap into, make a real difference to your ability to get up and go.


I’m going to cover the first one in todays email and the second will be covered next week.


So up first is PASSION.


Do you know why I am motivated and inspired to get up and do the work that I do?


Because I am passionate about fitness, movement and all things health related. I’m passionate about transforming my own life as well as helping YOU to take the steps to transform your own.


People ask me how long I have been in the fitness industry for, and when I now stop and think about it, it’s literally been my whole life, or at least as far back as I can remember.


When I was at school I had no idea what I wanted to be, but I always knew my passion was in and around fitness.


Why?? Because I enjoyed doing it and when I studied it, it was the thing I always got the higest marks in. So I got an A in GCSE PE it made sense to go on and study it at college.


This was actually after taking a year out where I went to work in retail for a year. And while there were parts of that, that I did enjoy I was HNC in retail and I remember the tutor asking me where I saw myself in 5 years time and she suggested being a ‘manager on duty’. I clearly remember thinking hell noooooo!! In 5 years I damn well want to be a store manager, and actually was that really what I wanted to do at all??


I still wasn’t sure, but I followed my heart and went back to education in the search of something more. I selected Business Studies, I actually don’t remember learning anything that has helped my real life business and in fact again can clearly remember thinking, ‘well if what you are teaching here is so amazing, then why are you not killing it in the business world’. The best way to learn business is by doing it!


Anyway I digress. I also took PE and English (yes I know, I studied English and still can’t spell for shi!t). After finishing my A levels, again I got my best marks in PE so thought what the hell, and went off to study sports science at university.


After I finished university I qualified as a group exercise instructor and the rest, well is history. The learning has never stopped though, 15 years later I’m still constantly enrolled on some course or another always wanting to improve and get better. I truly believe all of our potentials are limitless, there is no stopping and saying right that’s it, I know it all now, there is always room for more growth, to always be learning better ways.


So while it’s been a vary varied path that has brought me to where I am today, teaching health, wellness and lifestyle coaching, wellness has always been a common theme for me.


And I’m not just talking about making your passion into your career, you can keep them separate, but what I do think we all need to tap into a little more is figuring out what are the things are, that make you tick.


To help you with this, here are a few questions to consider for your journaling today:


What are your passions? Make a list of some of the things that you care deeply about.

  • What do you get super excited about and have a pretty strong opinion about when it’s brought up into conversation?
  • What has been a recurring theme for you in your life? Something you always find yourself gravitating back towards?
  • Answer the question – The world really needs more………..


Because when you are passionate about anything you don’t have to force that sh!t. It comes more naturally and with more ease, life gets to be more enjoyable.


This is something we work on in the Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula, CLICK HERE to get full details of the program. Going in deeper to your passion so that it can bring about that fire in you that will make your life feel filled with awesomeness.


Check out the video below to hear how the program helped Shannon get back to being the best version of herself once more and achieve her lowest bodyweight of the year and her higest pay check .




PS – Passion isn’t the only things that will drive you though. I know a lot of people who are passionate about health and fitness, but it takes more than just passion to truly succeed at living your best life. Be sure to tune in to next week’s message get the second component, add your email HERE and get it delivered straight into your inbox, plus you will also receive my FREE planner series which is the best place to start when creating your ultimate mindset shifts.



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