The Truth About Willpower

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Mindset

Jul 25

The Truth About Willpower

The absolute truth is most of us suck when it comes to willpower, yes I fully and whole heartedly include myself in that.


I struggle (or lets be honest find it physically impossible) to say no to the things that I love like sweets and beer. I don’t always really feel like working or getting up at 5am to work on my business either.


So how do some people manage to overcome this obstacle that seems to be the stumbling blocks that is keeping you stuck?


Well I actually believe it comes from a 3 phase approach and all are vitally important if you want to achieve your life and body goals


  1. Get in alignment and connecting with your power goals. Get clear on what you want and why. This of course is what we went through with Get Your Shit Together life planner free program. Get that HERE
  2. Get the basics nailed and create a powerhouse of routines and habits.Last week I did a whole series on this and have created this document to use as a reminder to come back to these key health habits. CLICK HERE to get this FREE download because you become the things that you do daily.
  3. Wake up to the emotional triggers that cause you to sabotage your efforts.


The third one of course is what I teach on the 90 day Focused Mind, Fierce Body formula. I guide you and walk you through the process of creating a more conscious and mindful approach to shifting through these sabotaging behaviours and not just with your body but in all areas of your life.


I’m super excited to kick off the next intake in September. I know many of you in the past have been up against the barrier of the cost of this program. I truly believe in it and it’s power to transform your life BUT I also fully get that many of you are on a budget so I have been working on a new pricing structure to make this program accessible to you ALL.


Are you ready to level up your body, your habits, behaviours, to level up your life to create on that you damn well love living?? CLICK HERE and get on the waiting list for the next release dates. Coming soon!!!!!




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