How To Maintain Motivation

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Journaling

Jul 04

As we were all out enjoying the good weather this weekend, well at least we were in Europe, though I know we have more international readers and I would love to know what the weather was like for you guys too. I’m sure it’s not just us Brits who enjoy talking about the weather.


Anyways I’m digressing already!!


I hope that June has felt fulfilling for you, that you were focused on your own growth and you balanced that out with equal measures of work and play. As the weekend passed we stepped into July, and indeed into the second half of 2018.


Now is the perfect opportunity to get clear about where you want to direct the remaining six months of this year towards?


If things are going well and you are tracking some nice progress, well then keep on doing what you are doing as it’s obviously working.


If not, it’s ok, don’t freak out. This then is your wake up call to step up the mark and make some adjustments and changes.


Practicing to reflect and review at the end and beginning of each month is one of my most favourite things to do, because it will help you to get clear about the things that need to shift in order to create bigger changes in your life.


Planning and reflection work are how I constantly create and reshape my vision for how I want my life to look like, how I stay aligned to my passions and it’s how I stay motivated to get up and go after my dreams each and every day.


It wasn’t easy for me to get started with this, it took some time to get into the swing of it, find my rhythm with writing and indeed figuring out a format that really worked for me.


In fact as I was moving some things around in my office I came across my very first journal notebook and decided to have a little read. Something initially stood out for me and it made me smile.


Journal entry 16/04/2015


‘I came to the really BIG realisation today that this shit works so well. I perform so much better when I just do the work. I still get annoyed at myself when I don’t do it some days, and then I ask myself, why? I think it’s just because I can’t be bothered, but when I really dig behind this, the truth is, it’s just me not wanting to deal with what’s the truth behind the story’


This actually made me laugh. When I started out with a planner and journaling it was a struggle, it felt forced, I was still really scratching around on the surface BUT even at these early stages I decided to stick with it as I started to notice these really simple shifts.


Something so small and often could feel insignificant but yet over time have turned into feeling calmer, more focused, more driven and more incontrol of my own life but also how I in turn reacted to those around me. It’s why I create this format for you guys too with the FREE planner series and then HERE with the journaling workshop.


Creating your intentions and action plans will give you the power to take back the control of your life and allow you to step into achieving the things that you say you really want for your life.


It’s summer it’s time to feel good, get out and have fun, to love every moment of your life.


So what are you committing to this month to make that happen?




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