6 Reasons Your Body Needs This, This Summer

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Retreats

Jun 07

6 Reasons You Need This In Your Life This Summer

Is it time for you to step outside the normal beach holiday this year and instead choose something that your body will thank you for?

Fitness, adventure and wellness holidays are on the rise, and for very good reason. Because they can be a more memorable and meaningful experience, plus they help you to feel freeking awesome. Walking away from a holiday feeling rested, rejuvenated with your inspiration for life re-ignited, instead of just feeling like you need another week off work to get over it, yeah I know you have felt that one before.

And while adventure, fitness and wellness can create incredibly different experiences, here at The Works we entwine all three elements in what we hope will be the experience that will stay in the memory bank for some time.

Here are our top reasons why we think it may be time for you to choose a wellness holiday this year.

1# Challenge yourself to do something different, don't settle for doing the same old things. We get it, a lot of people don’t like change, it’s easy to stay within your comfort zone doing the same things year after year BUT when you challenge yourself to do something different, you start to take so much more away from your experiences. New people, new places and new things. Going back home with a feeling of satisfaction, of accomplishment, enjoying the thrill of excitement. Like hurtling across the valley on a zip wire at 100km per hour 240m up off the ground on the Fantasticable in Chatel. Or for those that don’t require quite as much adrenalin it could be just to enjoy a paddle board experience on Lac Montriond, or if you join us in the winter for skiing or snowboarding of course.

2# Everything is done for you. - Freedom of choice is something we are all very grateful in our modern day living, but did you know the simple act of making a decision can be taxing on your brain and indeed lead to you feeling drained emotionally. Researchers at Cornell University estimate we make 226.7 decisions each day on food alone!!!! I’ll say that again 226.7 decision just on what you are going to eat and drink each day. It’s estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Say Whatttttttt!?!?!?! It’s no wonder that it’s now recognised that decision fatigue is an actual thing. That moment when you get home from work and your other half asks what you want for tea, and you literally can’t even be bothered thinking about it and you mumble, ‘just give me anything, you choose!’! You see when you come away on a retreat with us, our aim is to actually relieve you of some of the decision making in your day. We feed you amazing healthy foods, we plan your schedule, we tell you what's happening and when. Yes maybe you still have to decide if you want to take part or not as all activities are optional (it's your holiday after all) but it’s all done and laid out for you. Our retreat guests have commented how much they loved being able to come and not having to think or worry about anything because it’s already pre planned and organised on their behalf. You see when you pull away from the demands of life you allow your prefrontal cortex (the thinking part of the brain) to free up. This is the reason you have some of your best ideas when out walking the dog or in the shower. We are giving your brain a break as well as your body and a BIG reason why many of our guests walk away with floods of inspiration and ideas

3# Make Lasting Memories- Think about the moments in your life that have really stuck with you, many are probably from when you were much younger as the truth is for most people, the older we get the less memories we make. That is if you choose to of course, there are some who continue to make more and more memories. Memories such as watching the sunrise over the mountain tops followed by yoga at the top of a mountain or meditation session in nature, time with other like minded people making memories that last and create a deep gratitude for this incredible thing we call life

4#Kickstart Your Healthy Intentions- We often have all of the best intentions of wanting to eat a little better, move a bit more, start that meditation practice we keep meaning to try out because you know it will probably help you to sleep more and feel a little bit less stressed, but yeah life happens and it can all seem a little bit like too much at once. We include all of these healthy habits into your stay with us. Again without much thinking or effort you gain a gentle introduction to these wellness practices and in a way that you can actually walk away feeling like you could now go and integrate them into your day when you head back to the real world, mainly because you get to experience how good they made you feel.

5# Pure relaxation- While some of our activities may get the heart rate going, our focus is also to help your body and your brain to get into a state of relaxation. Spending time in nature among forests, trails, lakes and waterfalls is scientifically proven to the help the body relax, lower your heart rate, blood pressure and any feelings of anxiety and stress. We have all experienced the benefits of getting out into the great outdoors but reading the book The Nature Fix by Florence Williams creates a great investigation into the healing benefits of nature, from Forest Healing programs in South Korea to using nature to heal PTSD in post war veterans and ADHD in children. The science showing that being in the great outdoors is good for the brain and the body, so getting more access to it, can only be a good thing. Plus you can even add to the experience with delightful treatments and massages, all the things that make your body just go ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

6#Meet new people - A lot of people who come and stay with us on retreat tend to be solo travellers. And while this can feel a little intimidating, actually going away with people you don’t know is an incredible opportunity to open your mind and your network to meeting new people. I myself (as a natural introvert) used to be terrified of going away on my own with people I didn’t know. After pushing myself into it, it soon became one of my favourite things to do and would get excited about the prospect of meeting new people that I wouldn’t have otherwise ever probably come into contact with. I love walking away from retreat and seeing people having made new connections. While the opportunity arises to switch off from work and home stuff, the natural flow of conversations means it does comes up. it’s amazing to see new ideas flourish as each person share stories of their own lives that often serve to provide inspiration to others in the group.

So while another boozy beach holiday may seem tempting too, there is a whole load more to be gain by a wellness holiday with us that will stay with you a lot longer than your tan will last.

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​Emma x

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