Don’t Give Up Yet…

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Journaling

May 15

Don't Give Up Yet...

So you know I go on a lot about using the planner and the journaling process, and it’s for good reason. It’s what helps me to remain clear and focused at times of chaos. CLICK HERE if some reason you haven’t already got your FREE copy


I was talking with Keri last week as she had admitted that she really hadn’t got into the full swing of journaling just yet after she did the journaling workshop last month (you can still access that here), as life had gotten full on, like it does, and got in the way.


And believe me I get that, when life shows up we let things slide. You do what you have to as a reaction, to deal with the things at hand and prioritise some things over others.


I have kinda been in a similar space these last few months.


Life has been soooo full! Full of many amazing things, but ‘full’, and so yeah, some things have slipped for me too. The main one, being my emails and blog posts. I love reaching out, sharing my experiences and also my breakthroughs. And I really appreciate those of you who take the time to respond and say how much it’s helping you. It inspires me to keep on working hard with an area that is my passion.


BUT the one thing that has become my non negotiable when life shows up is my journaling practice. It’s now my TOP Priority.


When there is sooooooo much going on, journaling is the place of calm where I get to come back to me. It centres me, it allows me to vent when I need to and it reminds me to stay present and allows me to deal with life more effectively rather than constantly reacting to situations.


Life here is just about to get even more full on as the husband has now gone to work away for the next 4 weeks and I am back to solo parenting. Solo parenting, working three businesses, two kids and two dogs.


When life happens and in the full force whirlwind type, being organised and focused becomes my super power. It’s how I am able to get through and keep my shit together and not wind up in a bumbling mess crying to my dogs. (I’m not saying this won’t happen, if just makes it less likely lol) It’s what keeps me going at the times that can feel hard.


Particularly the weekly planner and the daily focus become my go to tools to help get more done in the time that I have.


And of course it goes without saying that if you want to get more done, you also have to allow yourself time out too. I like to think of it as a very delicate balance of push and breathe. You cannot keep on pushing, pushing and pushing some more with ever stopping to take a breath.


If you want to achieve anything in life it’s going to take some work, it’s going to take for you to push that little bit harder, to go beyond what is comfortable.


Just know when to push, and when to allow yourself to take a breath. Because taking that breath can be the difference between moving on and making a breakthrough versus giving up because it all just got that bit too much.


Don’t give up now, you could be on the verge of something pretty amazing.


As we sit here gearing up for the half way point of the year I am committing to more transformations, more breakthroughs and more amazing adventures.


What about you?? Are you in??


Have an awesome week. Get your planner out now and schedule the rest of the week, your goals, your workouts, your important tasks and commit to taking inspired action.


Emma ‘Here Goes Everything’ Colsey-Nicholls



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