How To Make A Breakthrough

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 10

So often we can find ourselves stuck in behaviour patterns and situations that can feel frustrating, like you just can’t seem to get a handle on it.


You know you want to create some change, but just can’t seem to get yourself there.


Sound familiar??


I have had one of these roadblocks myself with my own body. This last 18 months I have gained about a stone in weight since moving out to France.


There have been a number of things that I had been putting it down to. My priorities shifted to family and setting up a new business, my training patterns changed going from teaching fitness to only having to train myself and generally just being a LOT more relaxed with my eating habits, blah, blah, blah!!


So yes go back and look at what has changed in your life if you too are coming up against some blocks right now.


BUT this is not where the BIG breakthroughs occur.  I believe the breakthroughs occur when we dare to delve beyond the surface and go in DEEP!


So instead of looking at what actions changed and instead ask; what could this be a reaction to??


What event or thing did you experience at the time when the changes in your behaviour or habits started to change?


Is it that you are eating more junk or sweet things (ah hem talking to moi here!!)?


Is it that you started drinking a little more?


Is it that you stopped taking the time to go and exercise?


When it comes to your goals, identify the one habit that is not serving you in reaching that goal. What is the big thing that is standing in your way? Because usually it’s a habit that we just can’t seem to say no to. The feeling that you know what to do, but just can’t seem to make yourself do it.


Then ask yourself what is the thought behind this habit. This may take some work, and I recommend you journal on this question on a regular basis. (If you don’t even know where to get started with journaling GO HERE forst and get my FREE guide and training series)


In fact mine is something that finally came to me this morning during my meditation. Like a wholly f*ck, that’s it!! And it has nothing to do with my change in circumstances, and all to do with a huge event that happened and shifted my internal dialogue on an emotional level.


Because I was left with the feeling of ‘not being good enough’


This feeling then leading to sabotaging behaviours almost as though I have to prove the belief of ‘not being enough’


You see we create the power of change when we bring it to our awareness and realise that we also have the option of CHOICE.


Choice is our superpower. When you realise WHY you have been choosing a certain habit or behaviour, you then have the power to change that and choose something else.


It won’t happen over night BUT you can break your habits by empowering yourself with awareness.


Because it’s never really about the food, or you being lazy and procrastinating, or being in a mood, or whatever your sabotaging habit has become. It’s ALL about how you are using this habit or behaviour in some way shape or form as a way of trying to protect yourself.


So in any moment you catch yourself in a sabotaging behaviour, or something you know you ‘shouldn’t be doing, like reaching for the sweetie tin again.


Ask yourself what is it that you are feeling right now? What just happened? What thought just went through your mind? Where did it take you back to?


And then the important one – What do I really want??


Mindset is a game changer when you learn to harness it and practice strengthening yours ,BUT I also know from experience it takes some work. If you are ready to delve that bit deeper into your sabotaging behaviours and would like some support on that, hit reply now and tell me what you are currently stuck with.


Emma ‘It’s Worth The Work’ Colsey-Nicholls


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