Is It Strict?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Mar 04

Is It Strict?

This is one of the questions I got asked about our up and coming retreats.

You see we do advertise the food for the retreat as being vegan but I wanted to share my philosophy around diet and nutrition to help you decide if our retreats will be a good fit for you.

Anyone who knows me will know I am anything but strict with my own eating. I love nothing more than a beef burger and a beer to wash it down, but, that’s not my every day eating pattern.

I am however also very passionate about sharing food and lifestyle changes that help you to feel better from the inside out.

And to many people (who don’t already eat a vegan diet) may well think that vegan food is very restrictive and maybe even a little tasteless, and I wanted to cover that point too.

So why choose vegan if it’s not something I choose to eat myself all of the time?

It’s because I believe that there are real health benefits that can be gained from shifting our eating behaviours from time to time.

Every time I run a retreat and I am eating clean, healthy, freshly prepared and amazing tasting foods, I walk away feeling incredible. (I promise I don’t run retreat just for my own benefit lol)

Even after a weekend that can actually be quite full on for me as a host, I am generally left with lots of energy, far less bloated and my digestive system feeling settled.

And this is the feeling I want our guests to walk away with. I want them to leave with new ideas, inspiration, having enjoyed tasting and trying out new foods.

Vegan food by it’s nature means that it’s derived mainly from plants, beans and some grains so it tends to be very anti inflammatory and will give the digestive system a break.

As much as I love meat myself it can be hard for the digestive system to break down and digest. So during your stay on retreat we aim to give your hard working body a rest as well as your brain.

And while veganism seems to be a growing diet trend right now it is defiantly not a path that we have any intention of pushing you down.

I truly believe there is only one diet that is right for everyone, and that is the one that YOU choose to follow because it makes you feel good.

We are all so incredibly different and just because something works best for one person does not mean it’s healthy for the next person.

It’s my goal to teach and inspire people to make their own healthy food choices, to learn how to be healthier, how to figure out what does work for you and allows you experience incredibly healthy and delicious foods so you can feel empowered with your future food choices to help you live a happier, healthier and ultimately longer life. Achieving that is far more than just what foods you choose to eat.

So in short NO we are not strict vegans, we just want to help you reap the health benefits of having some highly nutritious foods in your belly for a period of time because we believe it will all add to help you leave a retreat feeling absolutely incredible.

And you may well be surprised at just how good it tastes.

How do you like the sound of the following??

  • Cinnamon Banana Pancakes
  • Smoothie Bowls
  • Banoffee Millionaire Shortbread
  • Bean Burgers with sweet potato fries
  • Mexican Night
  • Curry Night
  • Chocolate Moose
  • Almond & Caramel Cheesecake

And as I said our retreat experiences are far more than just the food. It’s the opportunity to take a step away from your normal routine, being surrounded by and fully immerse yourself into nature, to spend time with other like minded beings and allow your body and your mind to just let go for a few days, so that you can head back to the real world feeling refreshed, revitalised and re-inspired.

Sound like it’s up your street?

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