Why 19 Out Of 20 People Will Fail – #3 Tips On How To Not Let That Be You

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Jan 29

My Top #3 Goal Setting Tips

So here we are at the end of January!!! Like how did that even happen??


So how are you doing with those new year goals??


Many people will have already started to forget about the amazingly good intentions they started off with on New Years day.


But you are not most people right?? You are reading this because you know you want more for life, and I as always am here to give you a gentle reminder to inspire you to keep on going after those goals, even at the times when you may forget or feel like giving up.


So today I wanted to remind you to come and do the work to review the month that has passed and start setting your intentions for the month of February using the Get Your Shit Together Planner process. You can get your FREE copy HERE if you don’t have it already.


I am also sharing my top 3 tips on turning your goal setting into goal getting and in a way that helps you to wake up each morning with some fire in your belly and a smile on your face.


#1 – Connect with the emotion behind the goal. It’s not enough to just say oh I want to lose 10lb or I want to earn so much ££££.


Why are those things important to you? Go beyond the surface. I always encourage my guys to go why x 5. Ask the question why 5 times and get into the deeper rooted reasons. This then creates your intrinsic motivation, something that is much more powerful to helping you stay on track than relying on someone else to keep you motivated.


e.g so if the goal is – I want to lose 24lb


why – Because I want to look good in my swimsuit when I go on holiday this year.

Why – Because I want to feel comfortable and confident when I expose my body,

Why – Because I have lost that feeling since having kids and it’s affecting how I feel every day and knocking my confidence

Why – Because I used to feel amazing in my body and that was a time when I never used to let anything in life hold me back.

Why- Because I feel like I have lost myself


In this example you see the WHY is much deeper than wanting to look good in a swim suit. So grab a pen and paper right now and ask the why x 5


#2 – Have a system – Sounds a bit complex but this is about making your goal setting part of your regular daily, weekly and monthly habits. Many people set goals and then never actually bother to check in with themselves until they realise one day,’oh yearh, I forgot I said I wanted that. This is why I created the Get Your Shit Together life planner, it’s a system that is a really valuable tool that has massively changed the way I set my goals.

  • write it down
  • Start with the big blocks and work it back into small manageable steps
  • Review them often

It may sound like a lot of work (reality check, making changes to your life WILL take work) BUT like any new habit creation it takes a little time in getting used to BUT it will one day become one of those things that you ‘just do’ it becomes easy, it flows and the benefits are totally worth it when you start seeing your dream goals become your reality.


#3 – Be Prepared To Fail – It may sound counter productive BUT if you don’t accomplish your goals every time, know that it’s ok. Giving yourself permission to not always get it right first time will build your confidence and allow you to take the leap of faith on even bigger, scarier and better things. It’s not about going in with the intention of failing, but just know it’s not a reason to give up on your dreams. Instead look at failure as an opportunity to course correct and learn the lessons from your experiences. To be able to look objectively at why you didn’t achieve it that time and what you can do differently moving forward. This is why I put a big emphasis on the review process. It’s about learning more about yourself on the journey as much as anything else. Fail forward and learn the lessons as you go along.


So take the time today to re-set your intentions for the month ahead and lets go all in.



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