Are You Serious!?!?!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 05

If you are serious about achieving your goals then reviewing them is a must.


I know it can feel a little scary and maybe even pointless if you feel like you didn’t achieve all off them, heck maybe you didn’t hit any of them.


Many people set goals at the beginning of the year, but the truth is we get distracted, life happens, things go off plan, the sh!t shows up to test you and before you know it another year has passed and you feel like you haven’t achieve all that much.


But you know that the secret is to moving through that phase is??


Actually sitting up and doing your reflection work anyway. Because everything that you have experienced this year (yeah even the really crappy stuff) it was all there to teach you something, to help you learn and grow. The reflection work is there to help you take the lessons and actually learn from it so you can do something different in the future.


For me, some of my goals were wayyyyyyy off the mark and still on my focus moving forward, but the point is I still made steps towards them and I am closer than I was at the beginning of the year.


Other things that I achieved were not even on my radar at the beginning of the year, such as teaching fitcamps again and actually selling it out, or buying a house. Our house goals were actually a few years off but the opportunity came along and we figured out a way to make it happen.


While I truly believe in dreaming and starting to create a plan, it’s also having the ability to be flexible and move away from that plan if the moment takes you there.


But what is important is that you never give up, you keep moving forward and your eye on what is important to you.


So if you haven’t already, make sure you go and watch the mini workshop and take a look back at your year so you can use it to grow.


In this training and the supporting worksheet you will be guided through.


1# – Taking a moment to celebrate your highlights – What exactly has been going really well for you this year?


2# – The Fuzz Factor – Bringing your attention to a feeling. Those highlights that really got your heart fluttering and that ‘FREEKING YESSSSS’ feeling inside. The moments that really serve to light you up.


3# – Make The Cut – What have you been doing this year that left you feeling flat, deflated, exhausted, drained and flat out don’t enjoy doing. It’s time to get real with yourself about what is no longer serving you and to be brave about starting to cut these people, places, jobs, experiences from your life.


4# – Learn The Lessons – There are lessons in absolutely every experience we encounter. BUT you have to wake up, get intentional and actually use those lessons to create change rather than keep on ignoring them and wondering why the same old sh!t keeps on showing up time and time again for you.


So don’t just think about it, download the worksheet CLICK HERE and actually DO IT.


Success loves action so create some time today to actually just do this work.



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