Don’t Wait!! Jump Scared

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 28

Jump Scared!

As I was preparing for what I was going to say in an interview for a magazine article we are going to be featured in, I was reading through previous edits for the magazine.  The magazine is all about people who start their new lives in France.
As I am reading through, all these people are all talking and recommending years of prep work, planning their new business, familiarising themselves with the French laws, systems and of course the language and I couldn’t help but think, wholly sh!t!! We didn’t do any of that.
This journalist is just going to thinking we are a pair of complete chancers!!!
As this thought crosses my mind, I get back into my familiar pattern of being in that ‘not good enough’ mindset. Comparing myself to others and feeling like I just don’t measure up. It’s something that I have felt most of my life whilst meandering through my life as a business owner, as a mother, a wife.
I work constantly though to make sure that these thoughts and feelings don’t last, and to make damn sure that I DON’T  allow them to hold me back.
See it’s something I have kind of built my life around. Being brave, going all in in and jumping scared.
Maybe wreckless, most likely unprepared, but my god it’s made life one hell of a ride.
“As we say yes to life, life says yes to us” – Louise Hay
as we say yes (1)
You see for me it’s about having some skin in the game, really putting things on the line, because that is when I feel motivated to really make things happen. It’s incredible what you can make happen when you choose to go all in. Maybe that’s the adrenalin junky in me but woah, life is meant to be exciting right??
Yes you can go through life playing it safe, taking the easy route, living a ‘comfortable’ life, but I have always known that I wanted a life that was extraordinary, a life that is exciting, a life that I can look back on with NO REGRETS!
When I decided to open my own fitness studio at 27 years old, I was 8 months pregnant and had just had a fall out with the person who’s dance studio I was using as they were planning on ‘replacing’ me while I was on maternity leave.
I decided it was my opportunity to take what I had built and create my own fitness space. I guess the easy/comfortable option would have been just to enjoyed some extended maternity leave and re-build my business when I would have a ‘bit more time’, you know that bit more time that you are always hoping you will magically create more of?
When my marriage almost fell apart and we were talking of divorce, I’m actually not sure what the ‘easy’ option here, I just know the rate of divorce is pretty high these days. We decided not to give up on something that was once so special. And damn I’m glad we didn’t because some things really are worth fighting for!
When we came to France to visit and had the most amazing holiday, we got home and decided to start the move to France. It wasn’t something we took lightly. We were pretty happy with our lives in Blackpool, it’s was ‘comfortable’ we had an amazing house, friends, family close by I had a business and fitness community that I absolutely loved.
BUT, we also started to dream of a life that could be ‘even more’ amazing!! So we dared to be brave and a year later we landed on the other side of the channel in the mountains without even having a proper place to live.
Was it easy?? NO!! Did it all run smoothly, NO!! It was hard, we have had to fight, there have been lots of tears and as we are now about to embark on a complete renovation project that will continue to push us, I’m pretty sure that there will be many more tears to come.
And I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world. All the sh!t that we have encountered on the way just serves to help us grow, learn, become better, stronger.
So whatever it is that you have been dreaming of, the leaps you have thought about taking and then let yourself talk it back out of. Don’t shut out those voices, they keep on speaking to you for a reason!!
Listen and lean into the things that excite you in this life, because we only get one chance at it. May as well make your life one that is worth living, one that you love being in.
Take control of how you want to feel, the things you want to experience, what you want your life to look like.
Then don’t wait until you are ready – jump scared!!!!
If you are feeling inspired and ready to take some big leaps of your own in 2018 just know that you don’t have to go it alone.
Heck I can talk about the jumps I have made in my life but I often wonder if I would have done half of it without the guidance and support of my own mentors and coaches.
It’s only when I started to delve into the world of mindset that I really started to see what else is possible. I surrounded myself with people who were out there doing amazing things in life and it gave me the strength and courage to be brave enough to want the same awesomeness for my own life.
It’s also through this process that I came to create the ‘Get Your Shit Together’ Life planner, it’s really my most amazing and truly valubal tool that has shaped my daily habits. My daily habits are the backbone, the driver, the motivator to allow me to keep on going and reamin clear about what I want my life to look like. Get your FREE downlodable copy HERE.
I’m excited for BIG things in 2018 and I can’t wait to help you move towards yours too.
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