All New 21 Day Happy Body Challenge

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 08
There is a change in the air, and I’m not just talking about the weather as we have woken up to snow here in the Alps.
This week I am starting the second round of my fitcamp. I started with just 4 people last month and I am absolutely buzzing with such amazing feedback and love for the program that word got out and I filled out this round and had to put on a second.
If you have been on my email list for some time you will know just how much I love goal setting, it’s a core part of all that I teach.
So for my new fitcampers it was really interesting to see the goal that some of the guys set for this round. You see not a single person mentioned wanting to lose weight!!
Because left face it, the number on a scale means diddly squat, BUT what is of REAL importance and priority in many peoples lives is how they ‘feel’.
You just want to have more ENERGY, you want a more TONED physique, you want to keep up with the kids and not be brought down by every sickness bug going, you want to feel more CONFIDENT in the clothes you wear, you want to feel the feeling of ACHIEVEMENT. And yeah if you can get a firm pert butt in the process well then that is just a bonus.
In fact my new PT client that I am working with, her main goal is that she want’s to feel like a Ninja.
Well now you are talking my kinda talk.
There was once a time when 6 pack abs was on my agenda. Now, I just want to feel like a badass, I want to be able to run Spartan races and kill it on the slopes this winter and I want my clothes to fit better.
It’s easy to let your healthy habits slip and let them move from your focus.
And you know what, that’s ok, life happens, other things take priority.
I know they have for me. I have been full with work and while I always eat well I have had a few too many treat days and possibly a few too many beers also.
And while it’s easy to lose focus from your body and health, it’s also just as easy to bring it back when you decide to take action on it.
This is exactly what we will be doing on the 21 Day Happy Body Challenge. Bringing your focus back to the body and giving it that feel good factor as we head into winter.
21 Days of accountability, nutrition, mindset and workouts. Starting with where you are at right now and making the steps to level up one baby step at a time and transform your motivation and your body results over the next 21 days.
I’m super excited to kick off next Monday and with the first few places already snapped up.
This is for you if you have been a little off with your body focus and now feel ready to come back to that.  It’s for you if you are stuck for time and want to fit in quick and effective workouts from your own home. It’s for you if you want meals that are super easy to make. It’s for you if you know you work so much better within a group that you can be surrounded with other like minded women on the same mission as you.
I got your back.
CLICK HERE to join us, we start next Monday 13th November.
PS – Got any questions, email me at


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