The Happy Body Challenge

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 05
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This has been a week of exciting times.

Having a sold out Fitcamp starting next week, new PT clients booking in and now snow is on the way!! I’m excited to give myself a kick start too and with that I’m running an online happy body challenge starting on the 13th November.

While results never happen overnight having a happy healthy body is about choosing health and fitness habits that are all about the feel good factor. Food you enjoy, workouts that you want to wake up and get started with and all from the comfort of your own home.

The ‘21 Day Happy Body Challenge’ is all about meeting you where you are at and giving you the help support and accountability to level up and work towards your body goals.

There will be daily workouts, there will be nutrition and of course accountability that will give you the support and gentle kick up the backside.

And of course as with any of my work we bring in the focus of mindset, because 80% of your results come from what goes on in your head and 20% the actions you take.

This program got your back covered on the mindset, the nutrition, the accountability to transform your happy body in 21 days.

Want in?? Send me a DM as doors are now open!!!

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