My No BS Take On Manifesting

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Oct 10

I truly love the process of deciding what you want in life, deciding on the dream and sitting down to create goals and then going and taking the action to make it happen.


And when you start to do that, the craziest of things can happen.


See for me I have some financial goals I am moving towards right now. We are in the process of trying to get a Mortgage and because our new business has only been trading a year it’s not the easiest of things to secure, so we really need to be moving towards hitting money targets.


I am very grateful we have a roof over our heads, but where we are living right now is NOT my dream house, in fact it’s a bit of a mess and we can’t wait to move out.


Though the power of the goal setting process is REAL, and not just in terms of doing the work, but I really believe in the mind-set shifts that comes with it.


It’s hocus pocus power of manifestation.


I know the whole idea of manifestation is a little bit too out there for many people to get their heads around, and what most would consider just coincidence. But I choose to believe in the magic of the universe, because why the hell not?


If we can get a helping hand from some unknown powers then hell yeah I’m going in for all the help that I can get.


Many people talk about manifesting as just being a matter of meditating on your dreams, using affirmations to repeat over and over again and hoping for all of your greatest desires to drop out of a unicorns arse.


That is NOT what I am talking about.


Yes, you need to create a positive mindset, slow down the pace, using mediation to calm the mind and create more clarity. Setting affirmations to boost your confidence and maintain motivation are all a part of the process. BUT if you want to universe to work in your favour, you have to get yourself out there and do the work to start seeing it come to life.


So if you want to start manifesting some of your own goals follow these steps to kick start the process.


1# Decide What You Want – Get clear on the outcome goal. What exactly is it that you want more of in your life? Is it to lose some weight? Is it to have a family? Is it a nice house? Is it all of the above? Think in terms of all areas of your life, your health, your relationships, your confidence, your personal growth, your career, your levels of confidence.


2# Be Specific – Write down exactly what it is that you want and when you want it by. Write your goals as if you have already achieved them, as this re-wires the brain to shift your belief system.


3# Picture it – Do some visualisation work, picture yourself living with all the things that you want to create in your life. Set some affirmations around it and picture it daily. This has to be something you can believe in so trying to manifest a lottery win is probably not going to get you very far.


4# Feel The Fear – If your dreams and goals scare you a little bit then that is a good thing. It’s likely to bring up many unwanted thoughts and feelings of how you are not good enough, how things like that can’t or don’t happened to people like you, that you are not smart enough, clever enough, pretty enough. Feel those fears and choose to face them head on. That is when you start to become your confident badass self, because being the person that you want to be is a choice.


5# Take Massive Action – You simply have to do the work, the things that count. Repeat the above daily and be open to asking yourself. What can I do today to take a step closer towards my dreams? The get up every day after asking the same or at least a very similar question. And always remember, you never will win the lottery if you don’t buy the ticket. Buying the ticket is the action taking step so don’t forget to do that one.


Am I am master manifestor?? Hmmmmmm no, BUT I do notice tangible shifts when I practice this myself so I wanted to share the process that helps me get up each day at 5am and go after the life that I truly want for myself and my family.


See last week as I did some work on re-assessing my final quarter goals, it turned out to be a week of ‘coincidences’ or as I prefer to put it ‘the universe working in my favour’.


I set out my money intentions for the final quarter of the year and started to ask (in my own head) what I could do to help speed up the process?


And then on the same day I got offered two different work opportunities.


It was nothing huge, it wasn’t going to solve everything in one whole swoop, BUT it was a step in the direction of being open to receiving more and in places I hadn’t even thought about going in to.


It’s amazing what shows up when we open ourselves up to the possibilities and always be looking at what else is possible? Don’t just wish for it, design it.


So if you still haven’t started on your goals setting process this month, my experiences just serves as a timely reminder for you, to go get it done.!!!


If you haven’t downloaded the planner and the training sessions that come with it, you can get your copy HERE as well as accessing the training video’s that will walk you though my planner process of getting your shizzle together. So get cracking today!




PS – It only works if you actually do it. And you really have nothing to lose in starting this process. So go and do it now!!


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